Services are Interrupted as Fire Breaks Out at the Prayagraj BSNL Office

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 24 April 2024

Tuesday about 5:30 a.m., a fire started in the transformer located in the transmission building of BSNL's office on Nawab Yusuf Road. After beginning in the morning, the fire progressively became more intense. The fire department was notified of the occurrence by residents and office guards because it was early and no employees were present.

Officials from the fire department said that four fire tenders arrived on the scene and put the fire out. But by then, the office's primary media line transmission cable had fully burned out. The shop adjacent to the transformer was also completely destroyed by the fire as it progressed. Officials stated that more equipment, such as boxes and cables kept there, was also destroyed.

Mobile services were impacted by the transmission cable damage, which disrupted the mobile network in the districts of Prayagraj, Kaushambi, Pratapgarh, Banda, and Chitrakoot. Furthermore, the broadband line of BSNL ceased to work.

It took ten hours, from 5 am to 4 pm, for the mobile network to be restored.

Officials anticipate that broadband service will be back up by late Tuesday night. According to certain sources, the event disrupted 1,450 cell towers and about 9 lakh mobile phones in Prayagraj, Kaushambi, Pratapgarh, Banda, and Chitrakoot.

According to Ashish Gupta, the public relations officer for BSNL, the restoration of the network and services is their first priority, and the source of the fire is yet unknown. He said, "After that, the fire's damage will be evaluated."

The district collectorate, post offices, courts, high court, university, banks, and other government agencies and institutions all experienced operational disruptions as a result of the BSNL outage.

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