Instagram Users Complain App Logging Out Automatically and Outages

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 22 March 2024

According to outage tracking website, hundreds of users were unable to access Instagram owned by Meta Platforms. At the height of the outage, over 5,000 users in the US reported having trouble accessing the photo-sharing service, according to statistics on the website.

By compiling status updates from many sources, including user-submitted problems on its platform, Downdetector keeps track of outages.

Seventy percent of users reported having trouble logging in, 19% reported having problems accessing the app, and 11% reported having problems connecting to servers. Downdetector, an outage tracking tool, gathers status information from many sources to track outages.

Earlier this month, on March 5, Facebook and Instagram both had a global outage due to user complaints over login problems on the two social media sites, with some users reporting that they were being locked out of both Facebook and Instagram. Some even requested password changes after being unable to refresh Instagram sites. 

According to Downdetector, on March 5, around 15,381 users in India claimed that Facebook was down, while over 19,200 users reported an Instagram outage.

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