IndiGo has launched an AI-powered Chat Assistant for Customers

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 27 November 2023

IndiGo announced on Monday the launch of "6Eskai," an AI-powered chat assistant that will answer customer questions in ten different languages. India's largest airline has followed Air India's lead, which introduced its AI-powered chat assistant "Maharaja" on November 10. While Microsoft's Azure OpenAI service powers Maharaja, Microsoft's GPT-4 technology powers 6Eskai.

6Eskai can do a variety of functions, including purchasing tickets, applying promotional discounts, booking addons, completing web check-ins, assisting with seat selection, organizing trips, answering FAQs (commonly asked questions), and connecting consumers with an agent, according to IndiGo. Furthermore, the bot can interpret not only written or typed language, but also voice commands via speech-to-text models.

"Early results from the soft launch indicate a remarkable 75 percent reduction in customer service agent workload, showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the bot," the company said in a statement. Furthermore, 6Eskai simplifies the booking process by employing natural language interactions to lead clients seamlessly through the end-to-end booking journey, according to the company.

On November 10, Air India reported that Maharaja has successfully resolved over 500,000 customer queries since its initial debut in March 2023, and it now handles over 6,000 queries per day in four languages.

The Maharaja at Air India handles a wide range of consumer inquiries, including flight status, baggage allowances, packing restrictions, check-in, frequent flyer awards, airport lounge access, itinerary modifications, refunds, and more.


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