Guide To Using Reverse Image Search For Investigations

By Consultantsreview Team Monday, 05 April 2021

Guide To Using Reverse Image Search For InvestigationsHow bad does it feel when you find someone is using your efforts right? Today, the web is flooding with aesthetic images, and the bitter truth is most of them are fake. Many people steal other's pictures and publish them for further use. Simultaneously, others make fake images and spread false news to drive traffic on their channels. However, both ways are wrong. And it is important to investigate before judging a book by its cover. Also, to protect your property. The pictures you design to utilize on your blog, website, social media, and other marketing movements are your concern for rational property. It will be a good option if you examine who is using your images without your permission!

Well, nobody wants to put hours into investigation and waste their efforts. That's the big reason why using reverse image search has become essential today! Here, in this guide, we will learn how the reverse image search technique can help us. So, don't rush; scroll down and read along!

Guide: Let's be clear on Reverse Image Search Technique!

Reverse image search - Easy method of finding the same or similar images using images! Today, the reverse photo search technique has turned frustrating, manual processes into fast and furious one-click methods. By uploading any particular image can take you right to the source that you desire. In plain speak, reverse image search is a reputable technique offered by search engines, allowing users to find any specific image by uploading an image as an input query. By performing a search by image process, you can locate the website and the person using your pictures. It also helps to spot fake news right at the moment. The good thing is you can also determine the publishing dates of the image. 

Instead of entering keywords and wasting time browsing, performing the image search technique is a lot easier for anyone. So, this was the central concept of RIS. Now, let's learn the basics!

Reverse Image Search For Investigations: How to Perform It?

Performing reverse photo search is not rocket science! It can be conducted by anyone, from any corner of the world, at any time. There are no limitations or boundaries on the process involved. There are three well-known ways to get the job done. First - Third-party tools. Two - Using Search engines such as Google Images. Third - Reverse photo search apps. Well, if we talk about the ideal option, then using third-party tools is undoubtedly the best way to perform an image search on any device. So, don't mess up yourself; if you want to save time, money, and efforts, then learn the below-listed steps:

  • Step#1: Open your browser, search and access the best reverse search image tool. For example - Duplichecker, SmallSEoTools,, etc.
  • Step#2: After opening the tool, upload an image query directly in the given input bar.
  • Step#3: Once you do that, choose the desired search engine from where you want to grab results.
  • Step#4: Now, hit the Search button so that you can fetch the results on the go!

Note: Once you got the results, you can investigate who's stealing and deceiving. Accordingly, you can take appropriate actions on such sites and people.

Find similar images: Best Search by image tools - 2021

Since you have learned the basics and writing process, it's time to be clear on the top picks used for performing reverse photo search. 

So, read on and select according to your desires!


One of the most reliable and super easy search by image tool is Duplichecker, available right now! It is a top-notch website that offers a complete set of digital tools. The most reputable of its mechanism is Reverse Image Search because it is handy and 101% free. Whether you want to find similar images, spot fake news, locate the sources images, and other activities like that, is probably the best way to do that! Follow the steps mentioned above and utilize this image search tool on the go!

  • SmallSeoTools

If we discuss the best reverse image search tools, how can we miss SmallSeoTools to add to our list. It is a fantastic platform, offering a complete bunch of SEO and Text Analyzer Tools. It has a clean, secure, and user-friendly interface, setting a pleasing experience for its users. It works the same way as the tool we have mentioned above. This platform works with modern and unique algorithms and multifunctional techniques to help the system deliver accurate results in seconds. There is no denying that SmallSeoTools allows you to locate and access the sources directly after searching. Follow the steps mentioned above and utilize this tool with ease!

The Bottom Line!

So, this is how you can use the reverse image search technique for investigations! If you have not used the tools yet for this purpose, then this is the right time to try them!

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