Google Announces Updated Tensor Chips and Enters Into CPU Production With Axion

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 10 April 2024

Google announced its most recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology for data centers. Along with a revolutionary Arm-based central processing unit (CPU) called Axion, the company also unveiled an upgraded version of its Tensor Processing Units (TPUs). With the clear disclaimer that Google's offering is limited to its Cloud Platform and not available for direct purchase, this represents a significant increase of Google's hardware capabilities and positions its TPUs as a strong rival to Nvidia's AI processors.

Axion CPU

According to reports, the recently unveiled Axion CPU—which is meant to be integrated with Google Cloud—performs better on the cloud than other general-purpose Arm processors and conventional x86 chips. Google highlights the compatibility and performance advantages of Axion while underscoring how simple it is for clients to move their current workloads to the Arm architecture. The smooth transition for users switching to Axion was emphasized by Mark Lohmeyer, vice president and general manager of compute and machine learning infrastructure at Google Cloud. He emphasized the platform's open technology base and the absence of the need for app re-architecting or rewriting.

Google's entry into the custom CPU manufacturing market puts it up against other cloud service providers like Microsoft and, who have already dabbled with Arm CPU creation to set themselves apart from the competition. This is Google's first foray into CPU manufacture, despite the company's history of creating customized processors for a range of uses, such as YouTube, AI, and its smartphone portfolio.

A 30% Enhancement in Arm Chips

The development of Google's TPU v5p chips shows a notable improvement in raw performance, supposedly twice that of its predecessors. These chips are rumored to be able to operate in large-scale configurations of up to 8,960 processors. The use of liquid cooling technology by Google guarantees the highest level of performance from these CPUs. According to reports, the Axion chip will outperform the newest x86 processors made by industry heavyweights Advanced Micro Devices and Intel by 50% and 30%, respectively, above regular Arm chips

Deploying the Axion CPU is part of Google's strategic aim to improve its services; this includes enhancements to the way YouTube ads are delivered through Google Cloud. As of Tuesday, Google's cloud platform offers TPU v5p chips to the general public, ushering in a new era for the company's cloud services and its dedication to the advancement of AI and computing technologies.

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