Google AI Chatbot Bard Transforms into Gemini: AI Upgrade Unveiled and More

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 05 February 2024

Google is reportedly gearing up for a significant transformation in its AI chatbot arena, with plans to rebrand its existing AI chatbot Bard as Gemini. This move echoes Microsoft's strategy, which involved renaming its AI chatbot Bing to Copilot. The information surfaced when a developer named Dylan Roussel shared a changelog from Google on X (formerly Twitter), outlining updates slated for its AI chatbot Bard. The most notable change is the shift from Bard to Gemini, set to be implemented on February 7.

The rebranding aligns with Google's broader strategy of integrating its Language Model (LLM) Gemini across various products. Gemini, the underlying AI model for Bard, appears to be at the forefront of this initiative. In addition to the name change, the leaked changelog hints at a potential introduction of a paid 'Advanced' tier, leveraging the power of Gemini Ultra. This mirrors the subscription-based model adopted by OpenAI for its GPT-4 large language model.

The Advanced version of Gemini promises enhanced multi-modal capabilities, improved coding support, and the ability to delve deeper into file and document exploration and analysis. Interestingly, this release marks Gemini's expansion into Canada, broadening its availability beyond the initial launch.

Google initially introduced the LLM Gemini last year, featuring three versions - Nano, Pro, and Ultra. The LLM model boasts proficiency in intricate tasks such as logical reasoning, coding, nuanced instruction-following, and creative collaboration.

Beyond rebranding and introducing a paid tier, Google's ambitions extend to launching a dedicated Gemini app for smartphones. The app aims to bring Google AI capabilities to users' fingertips, facilitating tasks like learning, writing, and planning. The app's compatibility with other Google services like Gmail, Maps, and YouTube is expected, with Android users receiving a standalone app and iOS users potentially accessing it through the Google app.

Despite the information originating from a leaked changelog, Google has not officially confirmed these developments. However, industry watchers anticipate substantial announcements this week, as Google continues to enhance and expand its AI offerings with the potential rebranding of Bard as Gemini and the introduction of an advanced tier and dedicated smartphone app.

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