Don't buy Badly Written Essays - Mistakes to Avoid

By Sergii Gorobets, Chief SEO - Officer Thursday, 06 December, 2018


Sergii Gorobets, Chief SEO - Officer

Once you’ve chosen a topic, what should you do next? For students, it is too difficult to find the answer to this question. There are a huge number of essay writing examples on the web, which students can check based on the topic and nature of their task. It is a common observation that many of them turn to essay writing companies with request like: “-Write My Essay”, but do not themselves how to avoid mistakes in the paper. You should bear in mind the following things while deciding to buy an essay without any risks; if any of these mistakes are present, then you don’t need to buy the product.

Topic Problems

Has someone ever given you a terrible writing advice? Students must find a topic carefully and properly before deciding whether to buy an essay writing service or not. If the company you have chosen does not provide a list of topics, you can pitch your own ideas. Alternatively, you can ask your teacher to give you a topic. If the problems related to topic exist, then there is no need to buy the essay.

Execution difficulties

Has the content been executed properly and efficiently? Some writers do not even know what to write about, and this is why they are unable to execute the idea. If you decide to place an order at a company, you should check whether execution problems are present, and they exist, then you should think of an alternative.

A lot of Personality

It is the habit of some writers to insert a lot of personal opinions. Companies, while hiring writers from across the globe, opt for these writers considering them cheap and affordable.

Not enough Judgment

Why free college is bad? It’s safe to say that judgments and arguments are a part of an essay. For instance, if you have been given a topic of abortion, then you should make judgments of why it is good or bad, and make sure you support your arguments with real-life examples. In the absence of examples and proper references, it may become impossible for you to get a quality product.

Shouldn't be too overconfident

Some writers are overconfident, and the same is the condition of some customers. As a student, you should avoid being overconfident once you have paid. When you feel like you've written a lot without really saying anything, then you should sit and take some time to think of other things and to focus on the quality of further works.


Make sure the company you have chosen does not provide you with badly written and boring papers. Some of them are habitual of doing it, and this is the point when you should think of the alternatives.

Not related to the Topic

Has the writer used unempathetic synonym? If the content of your work is not related to the topic, then this is the point when you should find suitable alternatives, or else, you can ask them to redo the paper so that the content aligns with the main topic, subject or issue.


Some writers are too difficult to deal with, and as a student and customer, it is your right to not go with them. People who show arrogance and are not polite while delivering the paper should be banned, and you should always ask your money to be refunded.

Think of Execution

Put your six senses to work and think of executing the ideas and content properly and efficiently. If you happen to see college essay topics to avoid, then the execution becomes even more necessary.

Much Deafness

Deafness comes at a point where students do not listen to their teachers, or maybe, the company you have chosen has support agents who do not listen to you. In such a situation, the quality of the essay is likely to go down and this is when you need to quit on this service.

Not enough Personality

Is enough personality present in your work? Has the writer been able to share his personal opinions and ideas? If it is not, then you should not accept or approve the paper and can kindly ask them to revise it.

Not properly written style

If the work is not written properly or you find some mistakes in its style, then you should not go with it. The way a writer writes sometimes is not what you are looking for, and there is no need to compromise on this point. Instead, you should move on and write it yourself so that the style you are looking for is obtained.

No proofread

Last but not least, if they have not proofread the paper, then you must think of alternatives. Proofreading and editing are two core elements of academic writing which help fix grammatical and spelling errors to an extent.

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