ChatGPT has been Active Again after an Outage Lasting Several Hours

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 18 June 2024

On Tuesday, ChatGPT went down for many hours in the morning. The blackout lasted for about two and a half hours. The statement "ChatGPT experienced an elevated error rate from 11.20AM PT to 1.55PM PT" was verified by OpenAI. The outage in India lasted from Monday night at 11.50 PM until Tuesday morning at 2.25 AM. Now, the outage has been resolved. The API, ChatGPT, Labs, and Playgrounds were all up and operating when the narrative was written. The AI chatbot went down for the second time this month. June 4 was another outage that ChatGPT experienced this month.

Reports state that on Monday around 11:50 PM, ChatGPT was unavailable. About thirty minutes later, OpenAI started its inquiry. It was back up and running at 2.25 AM this morning. When attempting to utilize ChatGPT during the outage, customers either received no answer or an error message suggesting a problem with creating a response. The problem impacted a number of users globally. 

Additionally, OpenAI sent Tom Guide a statement outlining the cause of the outage. According to ChatGPT's creator, "an unexpected surge in traffic and demand, which led to system overloads" was the cause of the outage.

According to the firm, the outage predominantly affected ChatGPT's mobile and online services, causing customers on numerous platforms to experience access issues and a variety of error messages. The downtime was first blamed to excessive demand and internal server issues on OpenAI's status page. Although all services have now been returned to normal, the precise reason for the traffic surge was not disclosed other than the fact that there was a lot of traffic during the event.

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