CEO of Ola, is working on a new Indian AI Conversation app called Krutrim

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 27 November 2023

Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of Ola, announced on X, formerly Twitter, that the business is working on a new AI project. The cab aggregator and electric scooter manufacturer wants to compete with OpenAI and Google to develop an AI Chat app. Aggarwal introduced the world to 'Krutrim,' a company founded earlier this year under the moniker Krutrim SI Designs. Bhavish Aggarwal polled his X followers on the features they want in an AI, particularly as AI users. 

Aggarwal stated that the intriguing concepts will be incorporated into the company's product roadmap. Furthermore, in order to encourage more ideas, Aggarwal stated that the best concept will receive a free Ola S1X+ scooter.

"The AI revolution is happening fast, and it will propel human productivity, accelerate science and discovery," Aggarwal added in another tweet. We can finally aim to be free of doing jobs that a machine can do and truly push the boundaries of knowledge and creativity. And, with its own cultural attitude of searching and philosophical research, as well as technological and economic growth, India has the potential to become the global leader in the future of AI!"

The statement follows Aggarwal's conversation with spiritual leader Sadhguru at the Sadhguru Academy's INSIGHT 2023 conference, where the two addressed electric automobiles and artificial intelligence. He predicted that AI would be a "very strong force for cultural assimilation." He also stated that India requires its own AI because most popular large language models are developed on non-Indian data. He also emphasized the importance of training the AI in multiple 'Bharatiya languages'. 

During his chat with Sadhguru, Aggarwal stated, "It's very important for the Indian ecosystem, economy, and entrepreneurs like ourselves to really build an Indian paradigm for AI for a variety of reasons." Today's AI has learned from data on the internet, the majority of which is non-Indian; most of our Bhartiya languages are not on the internet. We must ensure that we have adequate data, which is Indian data, in all of our Bharatiya languages and make AI more helpful for everyday use for the average man." The company Krutrim was registered in April, according to the business intelligence portal Tofler, and it has two Directors: Bhavish Aggarwal and Krishnamurthy Tenneti.


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