Top Three Free AI Courses and Programs to Stay Ahead of the Curve

By Shiwani Pradhan, Correspondent, Consultants Review Friday, 29 March 2024

There is an increasing need for AI courses designed with businesses in mind. Businesses may provide themselves the knowledge and abilities needed to smoothly incorporate AI technology into their operations by investing in AI education. They can innovate, improve consumer experiences, strengthen decision-making skills, and automate procedures as a result. 

Adopting AI in business has several advantages. It gives businesses the ability to swiftly and reliably analyze enormous volumes of data, giving them access to previously unattainable yet crucial insights. Additionally, repetitive operations may be automated by AI-based solutions, giving personnel important time to concentrate on more significant projects. 

However, you need more than simply a list of AI schools and courses if you want to advance in your profession with AI. A list of the appropriate AI classes and courses is required. Since AI is developing quickly. Disruptive AI innovation has exploded, and in the next one to two years, it might have a serious negative impact on millions of knowledge workers in every industry. To advance your AI literacy, you must act immediately. Furthermore, it's possible that you don't have time to squander on unsuitable AI training and courses. 

It is now essential for enterprises to comprehend and use AI technology as they continue to embrace digital transformation. Enrolling in AI courses tailored to the needs of enterprises helps guarantee that employees have the know-how to effectively traverse this new wave of innovation. AI is becoming a vital tool that can propel business success and growth, whether it is used to tailor consumer experiences or optimize operations.

However, the plain truth is that you don't need a PhD-level technical primer on deep learning, neural networks, or natural language processing if all you're looking for is to quickly advance your job. To prosper in the AI-powered economy, all you have to do is comprehend the principles of artificial intelligence and how these principles directly relate to your line of work. 

However, the great majority of knowledge workers just want quick, useful advice on the principles of artificial intelligence and the most effective ways to employ AI technologies in their job. The favorable tidings? To do this, one does not need to be a machine learning engineer or data scientist. With the courses and lessons gathered here, one could surpass 99% of their peers. 

The Finest Free AI Courses Available

Intro to AI from Marketing AI Institute

Intro to AI for Marketers is offering a free live online AI course called Intro to AI for Marketers. Even though the name of the program includes the term "marketing," any knowledge worker may use it since, in only 30 minutes, it teaches you all you need to know to comprehend and begin using artificial intelligence. 

The definition of AI and its significance, How to find applications of AI in your business and job, How to locate and assess suppliers of AI technology, What business results AI may assist you in achieving, How to assess the impact of AI technologies on the productivity and performance of your business, and How to get your group ready to test and grow artificial intelligence. 

Introduction to Generative AI from Google

Without getting too technical, Google offers a great introductory course on generative AI that explains how the technology functions. The course covers the following topics: An overview of large language models (LLMs), which are the foundation for many generative AI applications; An explanation of responsible AI and how Google implements responsible AI concepts. With five modules, the course's material is around five hours long. 

Introduction to Machine Learning from Google

This is a quick 20-minute Google tutorial on machine learning, the core technique behind many of the AI products we use today.  It will teach you how to: Recognize the many forms of machine learning; Comprehend the fundamental ideas of supervised machine learning; Consider using machine learning instead of more conventional methods to solve issues.

Free AI Courses for Additional Credit 

You'll be well ahead of the pack if you take the abovementioned programs and courses. However, these more sophisticated (although still free) courses on machine learning and artificial intelligence are also worthwhile to look at if you want to go further and become considerably more technical. 

Specialization in Machine Learning offered by Stanford University and Coursera 

In collaboration with Stanford University, Andrew Ng provides a comprehensive machine learning course on Coursera as well. It will teach you how to do the following: Create machine learning models, create and train a neural network, use machine learning development best practices, and Create recommender systems. This one really gets it. It takes roughly 10 hours a week for two months, and certain technical skills must be learned.

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