Threads is exploring pinned columns on the web that resemble TweetDeck

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 17 May 2024

In an attempt to draw in more power users to its platform, Meta's text-focused chat network Threads is developing a new Web interface that resembles TweetDeck. The tool is intended to compete with Elon Musk's X (previously Twitter).

On May 16, the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, said that the social network is experimenting pinned columns on the internet.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stated in a Threads post that users would be able to pin distinct columns for their preferred searches, tags, accounts, saved posts, and alerts.

Moneycontrol took a snapshot of Threads' pinned function and noticed that in addition to likes, profiles, and platform actions like replies, follows, mentions, quotations, reposts, and posts from verified users, one can also pin the chronological "Following" feed.

Additionally, users may set up all columns to automatically update, with the exception of the algorithmic "For You" column, so that new postings show as soon as they are made on the network. This resolves a major user annoyance with Threads—that unlike its competitor X, it does not display postings in real-time on the platform.

Although Threads had unveiled a real-time "Following" feed in July of last year, it was not possible to make it the default feed. This meant that every time a user opened the site on a computer or mobile device, they were compelled to view the algorithmic "For You" feed, which mostly included earlier content.

The latest tab rollout of Threads

In an effort to make it simpler for users to locate current, pertinent material on the platform, Mosseri said yesterday that the firm is now creating a recent tab on user searches. According to him, search results are still assessed for quality, but they are now shown chronologically.

About nine months after Musk renamed TweetDeck as X Pro and concealed the social media dashboard behind a paywall that was only accessible to subscribers of X Premium, the company's subscription service, the pinned columns pilot from Threads has been launched.

In July 2023, Threads made its debut with the intention of profiting from the increasing trend of Twitter/X users seeking to switch to other platforms.

With just 100 million sign-ups in less than five days following its spectacular launch, the platform's restricted feature set caused its usage to plummet.

In an effort to draw users onto its platform, Meta has since added a number of additional capabilities. This contains multiple account support, trending topics, keyword search, edit button, voice postings, and a fully complete online application.

Additionally, the business has been boosting Threads postings on Instagram, a photo and video-sharing platform.

The app's usage has resumed growing as a result of these new upgrades. After reporting over 130 million monthly active users in February and over 100 million in October, Zuckerberg claimed in April that Threads now has over 150 million monthly users.

In July 2023, the CEO of Meta stated that he anticipated Threads to join the ranks of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger as the next billion-user social network.

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