4 Tips for Working with PDF Files and Google Docs

By James, content writer Tuesday, 22 November 2022

For people who work with documents on a regular basis such as those who work in various industries such as finance or the education sphere or many others, understanding how to work with documents is essential to their livelihood. The two most common documents that they work with are PDF files and Google Docs. These two are very different but hold some similarities and it is not uncommon for people to have to work with them at the same time in some form or another. PDFs can be made into Google Docs and a Google Doc can be made into a PDF. This is useful since one type of document might be required and you must either convert or in some cases combine the file types. All of these different documents and document types can make things confusing for some people but it does not need to be. By understanding how PDFs and Google Docs work and how they can be used with each other, you will not only expand your knowledge about how to document your work but also be better able to increase your working capabilities. Here are four tips that can help you work with PDFs and Google Docs.

1. How to Insert A PDF Into a Google Doc

One of the easiest ways to add a PDF to your Google Docs is to simply insert it as an image file. To do this requires a few steps but it's very easy. Firstly, you should look for one of the online tools for converting a PDF into a jpeg. There are many free ones online, but you might already have a PDF editor such as Lumin PDF which can do the same thing. Use this tool to convert your PDF into an image file. After you have saved the file onto your device or Google Drive as an image file, you can then open your Google Doc. After opening your Google Doc, you can simply insert the image directly into the Google Doc. Be careful though as depending on the size of the image it could possibly create some distortions.

2. How to Attach PDF to Google Docs

Attaching a PDF to a Google Docs is not such a straightforward thing, but it can be done! To do this though, you will need to organize things a bit. The first thing is to find the PDF you wish to attach, find the file, and right-click and select the copy option. The next thing you will need to do is to open your Google Docs. Then after you have chosen the document you wish to use for including your PDF, find the specific place you wish to attach the PDF. After you are prepared and have things set up, you are ready to attach the PDF. At this point, you should right-click where you want to insert the PDF and you will see an option to replace it. Choose this and in the pop-up box, paste the PDF you copied before. Now you will have a link inserted into the Google Docs that links to your PDF.

3. How to Turn A PDF Into a Google Doc

One of the first things you should learn to do is to be able to take A PDF and open it in Google Docs. Luckily, this is a simple procedure. Firstly, you should have a Google Drive storage already set up. From there you can simply go to your Google Drive and then upload the PDF you want to work with. After uploading the PDF file to your Google Drive, the next thing you need to do is find your PDF in your Google Drive and right-click it. Then you will be presented with a few options. One of these options will be to open the PDF in Google Docs. After choosing this option, you will have opened an editable version of the PDF in Google Docs. Do not worry though if there are some slight distortions as this can happen sometimes when opening a PDF in Google Docs.

4. How to Email Google Docs as PDF

One of the cool things about using Google Docs is that it works with Google’s other services such as Google Drive and Gmail. This means that you can directly email someone a file from Google Drive or even Google Docs. If you have opened a file in Google Docs, you can email it as a PDF. To do this does not even require that you have opened the file in PDF form in your Google Docs. To do this, you must click the file in your tools tabs and then email. From there you will see a few options to choose from. One of these is the content format. In the format tab, you can scroll down and choose PDF. After this, you should fill out the other information such as the subject and the address of who the email is meant for. After doing this you will be able to send the Google Docs as an email. This is a big-time saver for a lot of people.

For many people, working with all these different document types can be a bit intimidating. There is no reason to worry though as with the right tools and the correct understanding of the documents and how they are worked with, you can accomplish a great deal. If you work in an office setting or even work remotely, it is likely you will have to work with Google Docs and all the other tools and utilities that Google offers. Once you learn how to use this in combination with PDF tools such as the merge PDF tool, the only limit to what you will be able to achieve with documents is your own imagination.

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