Again Citing Efficiency as the Reason, Facebook Messenger has Laid Off 50 People

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 08 March 2024

A year prior, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, had said that the firm would be prioritizing efficiency, which would lead to a number of adjustments. As time went on, many of Meta's "year of efficiency" workers found themselves without employment, which was not good news at all. And now, it seems like Meta has made layoffs once more. According to sources, the Facebook Messenger team has let go of about fifty workers as the firm refocuses on efficiency.

The layoffs were a component of Meta's reorganization of Facebook Messenger and its operations, according to a Business Insider article. According to the story, a representative for Meta declined to comment on the layoffs, stating only that the firm was working on improving efficiency.

as previously noted, as part of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg's dedication to efficiency, hundreds of jobs were eliminated and a "year of efficiency" was declared for 2023. This was supposed to be a one-year effort, but it has been prolonged indefinitely, which has helped Meta undergo a cultural transformation. According to studies, managers are currently aggressively looking for methods to reduce expenses and optimize teams, which makes some employees anxious all the time.

It was revealed last month that Meta had increased its sales by USD 134.90 billion despite laying off thousands of workers. Zuckerberg discussed the advantages of Meta being a "learner" firm on an earnings call. Along with mentioning the introduction of new goods like Threads, Ray-Ban smart glasses, mixed reality in the Quest 3 headset, and increased efforts in artificial intelligence (AI), he also claimed that there was a strong level of interaction across numerous applications.

Additionally, Zuckerberg expressed his vision for the company's growth, which he believes will lead to every user having access to a top-notch AI helper. Additionally, he discussed the need for hardware—such as smart glasses—to enable communication with AI systems.

Meanwhile, there has been a recent global outage on a number of Meta sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Threads. Numerous users have expressed dissatisfaction at not being able to view any new postings on Instagram and Threads and being locked out of their Facebook accounts. Users were reassured by Meta that a remedy was being worked on after it recognized the outage.
A number of individuals shared their concerns about their account being hacked on X. Regarding the downtime, Elon Musk had also made fun of Meta. All of the applications went back to working normally after roughly an hour.

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