Meta Will Stop Paying News Content In Germany, France, and Australia

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 01 March 2024

Meta will not enter into new commercial arrangements for conventional news content in certain countries, nor will it create new Facebook products exclusively for news publishers in the future, according to a statement from the company. This is to ensure that it continues to invest in services and products that promote user engagement.

According to Meta, the decision to discontinue the news tab is part of a continuous endeavor to better match its investments with the goods and services that consumers find most valuable. Meta's goods and services in these nations will not be impacted in any other way by the modifications to the Facebook News feature.

Users will still be able to access Facebook news article links. News publishers will still be able to post links to their stories and point users to their websites on their Facebook profiles and Pages, just like any other person or business. According to Meta, news organizations may continue to use tools like Reels and our ad system to reach larger audiences and direct traffic to their website, where they retain all earnings from outbound links on Facebook.

Additionally, it said that although Facebook News is being phased out in these nations, the conditions of its current Facebook News agreements with German, French, and Australian publishers remain unaffected. The US and the UK have already seen the expiration of these offers.

The owners of Facebook and Australia have frequently clashed over the latter's demand that Facebook compensate publishers for news material. Less than 3% of what users worldwide see in their Facebook feed, according to the business, is news, and for the great majority of users, Facebook is only a minor portion of their overall experience.

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