Why Labour Law Consultants are Important for Your Business

By Deepshikha Singh

Hiring is a year round process. Not only is it most business’ part of the plan to expand their operations across different horizons but it is also one of the major steps which ensures productivity at the highest level. While the requirement of employees can sometimes be pressing, it is not only the recruiting process but also in the after-effects of a wrong recruit that can harm the company. With modern businesses operating at faster pace than ever before, there isn’t enough time that businesses have to devote to the recruitment process and handle the hassles involved in it. Receiving and arranging the applications, sifting through a pile of applications to shortlist the best-suited candidates to call for an interview and handling the pressure of interview are some of the important challenges that most businesses want to avoid. Undoubtedly, getting the right employee on board is not a cakewalk and with all the processes involved in hiring a new joinee and the paperwork following the employment, taking advice from an industry expert is the go-to option that most companies are opting for.  

Hiring a Labour consultant ensures that businesses have real assistance in staff-related problems, thus creating a productive and pleasant working environment. With the ever evolving labour laws, now it has become more important than ever before that all companies strictly adhere to all the changes implemented by the department of labour laws. With numerous labour law compliances such as the Shop and Establishment Act, the Professional Tax Act, the Minimum Wages Act, the Factories Act, the Bonus Act, the Labor Regulation and Abolition Act, the PF & Misc Provision Act, the ESI Act and much more are essentials to take note of when employees are brought on board. With the companies spending a significant amount of time ensuring that they are compliant with all the mentioned provisions, sometimes with no guarantee of full compliance. 

Holding on to statutory compliances is necessary for all Business firms in India to keep their businesses safe from the legal issues. With a labour consultant at hand, the businesses are not just capable of delivering quality but are also able to do their business with peace of mind. Without specialized labour consultancy, employers will find it difficult in legal conflicts with employees or trade unions, therefore resulting in a huge consequent financial risk.

To sum it up, a labour law consultant in India can -

  • Provide expert opinion on legal matters related to the employees
  • Suggest the right strategies that favour the employees as well as the business
  • Help businesses in identifying situations that might need legal assistance
  • Assist through the process of drafting legal contracts with the employees
  • Keep employers updated about the changes within the labour law segment

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