10 Most Promising GRC Consultants - 2017

A few years ago, Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) was denoted as an additional activity by the businesses as an implementation tool for control processes and more. But with the evolving time, changing regulatory requirements and demanding mechanisms has made them to understand the existing risks and its possible consequences in the future. As the current scenario depicts the growing number of govt. mandated compliance regulations, corporate governance failures, breach of data demands for a robust risk management, i.e., GRC program. As India is considered to be in the nascent stage for GRC adoption when compared to the developed markets, the companies today especially in sectors like Healthcare, Energy, IT, BFSI and others demands for a robust risk management advisory solutions. This is where the role of GRC consultants comes into picture. These consultants aim to help the companies to improve their entire corporate governance that includes financial reporting compliance, enterprise risk management, and related audits. With organizations gradually moving towards a standardized approach, these consultants also support them with independent risk, compliance functions & processes, while integrating them into a common platform determined by transparency.

In this edition of Consultants Review, we have listed ‘10 Most Promising GRC Consultants’ that are assured to bring the most value to the organization. The proposed list aims to help the companies to choose the felicitous consulting partner that would not only assist them to manage their business effectively but also help them act wisely.

Company Name Description
Axis Risk Consulting A specialist risk and compliance firm that offers effective governance and risk consulting services to clients across the globe with expertise in Internal Audit, Enterprise Risk, Distributed Controllership, Business Process Improvement among others
Clarico With 'Virtual CFO' helps businesses in processing, reviewing internal controls, mitigating risks, profit enhancement & amplifying the financial status
Dhir Dhir Associates Furnishes a breadth of compliance and regulatory expertise, acting for clients across a range of sectors to help ensure that the brand, reputation and enterprise are not only protected but also positioned to create additional value
Etrends Technologies One of India's most reputed IT companies to provide range of fully customizable solutions for corporate governance to suite the requirements of its client's company through bankable software services
Finteglaw A knowledge powerhouse with over 200 man years of experience behind it that connects Corporate Governance, Corporate Laws and Corporate Finance through Technological Innovations
Lexcare Global Consultants One of the fastest growing companies in legal & regulatory compliance space formed with a sole objective of simplifying compliances across all the industries
MGC KNAV Global Risk Advisory Our philosophy revolves around the element of trust, where we raise the invoice, if and only we find there is a valuable addition to our clients business. Money is important, but relationships always come first and this will help us build a credible organization
RiSiKo Consulting A business consulting and advisory firm, specializing in risk management, turnaround (Restructuring, Insolvency, Bankruptcy & Liquidation) strategies and scaling-up family managed businesses, catering to clients across industries and business environments within India, Dubai and USA
Riskpro A specialized Risk Management Solutions and Risk Consulting company, specialized in Corporate Governance, Compliance Risk, Information Security, amongst other services
Xestion Advisor Offers end-to-end Corporate Advisory Solutions to companies across the globe