10 Most Promising Women Legal Consultants - 2023

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Women have long broken the monopoly of men in the legal domain. However, we still don't have an equal illustration of women amongst Senior Counsels or judges or Justices of the High Courts or Supreme Courts. Although a gender gap similar to the one in India Inc’s boardrooms does exist in the legal consulting field as well, yet several women have risen in the ranks to become successful legal consultants, Director Legal, or Head Legal.

Importance of Legal Consultants: Legal consultants usually specialize in niche fields of practice, such as real estate, records management, and data privacy. Often working independently, consultants identify, prevent, and solve varied legal problems faced by individuals or business entities. The precise duties of a legal consultant depend upon the legal issue, area of practice, and also level of involvement with the business. Businesses benefit from legal consultancy services by receiving timely solutions and legal advice on compliance, intellectual property protection, contracts, and restructuring. Legal consultant law firms are not blockers; they are Partners to run the business efficiently and fairly.

Role of Women Legal Consultants in the Corporate World: Women Legal Consultants thrive to provide outstanding and dedicated consultancy, advocacy and solicitation services to their clients to protect their fundamental and constitutional rights. Through their extensive experience in handling and defending their clients in criminal trial prosecution proceedings, bail applications (including anticipatory bail) and various appeals for the offences related to Negotiable Instruments. Women Legal Consultants also provide consultancy, advocacy and solicitation services to their clients in preserving their Consumer Rights under Consumer Protection Act for deficiency of services, insurance policy and claim disputes, Motor Vehicle accident claims and others. They have an efficiency to understand the commercial and legal complexities in matters related to real estate including ownership of land, land use and conversion and regulatory and approval issues.

With a notion of assisting the firms to forge a noteworthy alignment with the top-notch companies in diverse sectors of the country, the Consultants Review magazine has enlisted '10 Most Promising Women Legal Consultants - 2023'. These companies can give you timely insights into issues such as your risk exposure, areas where you may grow, and expand.

Company Name Description
Atreus Law Firm A legal professional with thirteen years of litigation, corporate and commercial law experience, experienced in all aspects of business transactions including risks identification and mitigation and more
Datamatics Global Services A business enabler managing compliances and also ensures strong corporate governance through transparency, proper disclosures thereby safeguarding the interest of all stakeholders
Eminence Legal An accomplished legal professional holds expertise across a diverse array of laws such as Dispute Resolution, Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Corporate and Commercial Laws, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, and Employment Laws and more
Harman International India An executive leader ensuring the execution of legal formality of the organization efficiently and providing timely and sound advice to the management
Hyperverge A focused legal leader who is extremely passionate about driving compliance while enabling innovation for one of India’s leading fintech startups
Majesty Legal As a first-generation female advocate with over a decade of experience contributes to societal change & upholding true justice
Rights Marks A dynamic leader with experience in all the branches of law, specializing in intellectual property law, dealing with full service in intellectual property rights inclusive of registrations, and others
The Indian Lawyer Allied Services With over 30 years of experience in the legal field, she is an esteemed legal professional renowned for her expertise in handling diverse legal matters
Women Lawyers Association Of India She is devoted to promote the talent, services, interests and progress of women lawyers in India & abroad meanwhile creating opportunities to be shared and cherished by all women lawyer fraternity
Yugodaymagazine An experienced Chief Legal Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry, skilled in Mindfulness, Business Planning and many more