Sushila Ram Varma: Shaping the Future of Legal Consultancy with Expertise & Innovation

CIO Vendor Legal consultant firms should embrace a forward thinking approach that goes beyond conventional legal services and adopts a comprehensive one stop shop model, catering to clients' legal, financial, and business needs. By providing integrated solutions, these firms can effectively meet the diverse requirements of their clients. This approach ensures a seamless fusion of legal expertise with financial and business insights, allowing clients to receive comprehensive guidance and streamlined solutions. Recognizing the significance of this approach, Sushila Ram Varma co-founded The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services, an all-in-one destination for exceptional legal consulting services.

With over 30 years of experience in the legal field, Sushila Ram Varma is an esteemed legal professional renowned for her expertise in handling diverse legal matters. Her vast knowledge and skills encompass advisory and transactional work, domestic and international arbitrations, as well as cross-border dispute resolutions, including litigations. Specializing in business, corporate, and commercial laws, Sushila possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of the legal landscape.

Furthermore, in the early days of Sushila Ram Varma's entry into the legal profession, it was evident that the industry was predominantly male-dominated. Prevalent among male professionals was the notion that women in the field were merely biding their time until they got married and focused solely on their households. However, despite facing such discouraging mindsets, numerous women professionals, including Sushila Ram Varma, persevered and demonstrated their dedication to excelling in their chosen careers. One of the most gratifying aspects is that many clients find it easier to establish a connection with a female professional who possesses a multifaceted understanding of situations, often surpassing that of their male counterparts. This innate characteristic of women contributes to their appeal in various domains, ranging from the corporate world to the courtroom. Sushila Ram Varma also credits the encouragement and support received from senior lawyers and judges of her generation, who played a pivotal role in nurturing her professional growth and motivating her to strive for excellence.

Advocating Legal Transformation
Established in 2011, by Sushila Ram Varma and Mogili S.V., the inception of The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services marked the dawning of a visionary
online portal. As a comprehensive commercial Law Firm, The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services encompasses a myriad of verticals, facilitated by esteemed professionals in diverse fields such as business consultancy, financial and tax advisory, and risk management. The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services’ hallmark lies in the unrivalled ability to deliver a panoply of solutions, all conveniently housed under a single roof.

The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services’ hallmark lies in their unrivalled ability to deliver a panoply of solutions, all conveniently housed under a single roof

Further, the Founders of The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services hold an unwavering optimism, fuelled by their passionate yearning for a transformative break through in India's legal system. Describing more about the Law Firm, the Chief Legal Consultant of The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services Sushila Ram Varma says, “We initially launched The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services as an online platform to serve as a comprehensive service provider, bridging the gap between our clients' needs and our offerings. We recognized the challenges faced by foreign businesses in establishing themselves in India and navigating the country's complex legal landscape. While significant progress has been made with a forward-thinking government, we acknowledge the need to further enhance the speed and efficiency of our laws and regulations to match those of developed nations. Thus, we have positioned ourselves as a one-stop shop, offering diverse legal advice for individuals seeking to establish commercial enterprises.”

Women in Collaboration
Furthermore, Sushila Ram Varma emphasizes their commitment to aligning with international legal standards while serving their predominantly overseas clients. They foster a culture that promotes efficiency, excellence, and recognizes and rewards highquality work. Unleashing the full potential of their team members is a top priority, and they place great value on the power of teamwork. As a woman, Sushila Ram Varma confidently affirms that collaborating with other women is a seamless experience due to shared understanding. She observes the eagerness of most women to learn and their strong sense of loyalty and goodwill. However, she also acknowledges a disparity in commitment levels among the new generation, possibly stemming from excessive exposure and unrealistic expectations.

Furthermore, Sushila believes that achieving success in any profession requires strong dedication and giving one's utmost effort. “I believe that women possess versatile skills and the potential to prosper in various domains. Their ability to maintain a balance between personal and professional life distinguishes them. To all women, I encourage you to envision your goals, dare to dream, and with diligent efforts, you can attain success”, concludes Sushila Ram Varma.