Steps Drama Learning Development: A Global Consultancy, Delivering High-Quality and High-Impact Learning Programmes using Interactive Drama

Over the past few years, use of drama techniques in corporate training in India has evolved from role plays, theatre games and team-building activities into a serious learning methodology. Companies are using it for every thing from behavioral adaptation, change management and leadership skills development to handling cultural and personal issues.

Established first in UK in 1992, Steps Drama Learning Development(SDLD)is a leader in experiential drama-based training, creating innovative and award- winning programmes for clients across UK, India and around the globe. The venture paved its way in India when Mohan Madgulkar,a theatre actor and learning and development professional himself, read an informative article on Steps and got lured into the ideology of it. Out of curiosity he sent an email to Steps and was thrilled to receive a response from founder director Robbie Swales. Eventually, the duo partnered in 2010 to establish Steps India in Pune.

Being a global consultancy, Steps delivers high-quality, high-impact learning programmes which reflect local cultures and languages. The group partners with clients across all sectors to deliver interactive training that is memorable and achieves results. Working from the front line to senior management, they have one aim ‘to inspire people to act differently’.The core focus of the firm is to develop learning and development programmes
to meet the clients’ goals.“We use drama, both, live and through the use of media to challenge thinking, create debate, inform, and explore theory in practice and test out ideas, in a way that’s honest, engaging and enjoyable. We also emphasize on the use of technology and media as an essential tool in the behavior change journey and developing effective, engaging content is a key part of how we work. Our scenarios, presented by professional actor– facilitators who we have auditioned, selected and trained in our methodology, are highly effective in that they hold a mirror in front of the participants, allowing them to examine their behaviors and the impact those have on others. There are a wide range of techniques and approaches that we can use to support the learning and help you achieve your outcomes,” says Mohan Madgulkar, Country Head – India, Steps Drama Learning Development.

Steps India, since it’s inception in 2010, has worked with over 75 large Indian companies and MNCs. “We collaborate with our clients to help them achieve behavioral change among their leaders and workforces. Our key areas of expertise include - Exploring Diversity & Inclusion, Embedding Leadership & Management Skills, Conducting effective performance management conversations and career conversations, Driving Engagement & Change, value cascade, ethics and compliance, prevention of sexual harassment at workplace. The use of high impact, engaging drama is at the heart of everything we do. Every piece of our work is created from detailed research and sensitive analysis, then carefully structured, tailored and resourced to ensure it is fit for that individual purpose, often blending a number of techniques in order to achieve our clients’ specific needs. The resulting programmes therefore all look and sound very different from one client to the next,” said Mohan.

Starting with just a couple of associate actors, Steps now has more than 50 associate actors and seven staff members. In the coming years, Steps is planning to focus more on it’s training video and e-learning offering. Creating high quality Indian training videos that clients can easily scale up to meet the requirements of wide-spread workforce, is the next step. “While we continue to deliver fabulous drama based training we want to substantially grow our video production and e-learning portfolios. As par the business growth is concerned, we are on track to achieve our mission of doubling our turnover by 2025,” concludes Mohan.