Edgeworth Consulting: Delivering Result Oriented Solutions with an Emphasis on Personalised Learning Experience

Sanjay Awale
Principal consultants & Founding Members

Engagement іѕ the аbіlіtу to tар employees' desires to make a соntrіbutіоn and give that extra personal еffоrt that gоеѕ аbоvе and beyond the routine requirements of the thеіr job. Engagement comes through providing the right environment, resources, and learning opportunities; only with that companies can make an edge over their peers in this cut-throat competitive world. To achieve this, employers are largely leveraging in L&D Consultants for expert solutions and customized learning solutions. Cashing in on this opportunity, Edgeworth Consulting (EWC)started off in 2012 as a boutique learning and development consulting firm providing a variety of specialist solutionsto address specific business requirements. EWC validates business requirements through its detailed approach of understanding the real issue by conducting a ground needs analysis which helps them to design a program that is not just suited for the participants but also has inputs from the target audience on learnings that will make a difference in their day to day activities.

“Our solutions are a blend of creative, learner friendly and retainable interventions. It is our endeavour to ensure that your employees enjoy the learning experience. We do customization of role plays, real-time case studies and interactive facilitation that engage participants and solve their road¬blocks. Almost every time participants feel we come from their corporate office to train them as we speak the company and audience language to make the learning real and personal. Our unique blended approach maintains participants’ interests and action learning projects/plans encourage the participants to try out new skills,” points out Sanjay Awale, Principal consultant & Founding Member of Edgeworth Consulting LLP.

People Development is Key Part of Business Growth
Being a customer-centric firm, Edgeworth operates from the
client's paradigm and approaches learning from a participant’s point of view. They are differentiated in terms of their efficient use of the latest technologies to provide deeper impacts. V. V Raghavan, Principal consultant & Founding Member of Edgeworth Consulting LLP explains, “We use psychometric tools/tests run by several certified facilitators like MBTI® and FIRO-B® and we have also developed a CRM package for one of our clients in Singapore. Our core competency lies in designing & running assessment centers, team building, team-based interventions, outbound interventions, sales interventions, executive coaching, and content development. A right mix of extensive global knowledge and local flavor we clearly know where we should go for our clients. This ensures higher though-put in our training programs and results in maximum retention of client’s employees.”

"Spread across India and Singapore, Edgeworth Consulting is growing impressively and steadily and has been able to build a wide range of clients"

Since its foundation in 2012, Edgeworth Consulting is growing impressively and steadily. They are spread across India and Singapore and have been able to build a wide range of clients. “We are a fast growing consultancy firm. Today, Edgeworth operates across the APAC region covering all the leading markets. We have been engaging with large and medium FMCG, Financial Services, Consulting, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Media, Travel, Education, Airlines and Logistics companies in the Asia Pacific. We have served customers like RBL bank, Times Now, TATA AIG

V.V Raghavan, Principal consultants& Founding Members
Insurance, Aditya Birla Insurance Brokers, HDFC, Bajaj Finserv, Vistara, Kuoni, DHL, and ECU Worldwide. Over these years, Edgeworth has always strived to deliver tangible results and benefits to our clients. In future also,we will continue to add value and enhance learning by exploring new solutions and technologies,” Sanjay concluded.