Born to Win: Stimulating Business Growth Through Well - Structured And Effective L&D Programmes

Ram Kumar Seshu, Founder

Self-discovery is a critical step, in fact, the primary step, for leading a successful life. In career building, the self-realization of one’s competencies and interests gives an important foundation for sustained growth and increased productivity. Through continuous learning and development, every employee in an organization can certainly be motivated to deliver best results, leading them to become valuable assets to their organisation.

Born To Win Learning Service, is a leading L&D firm with a PAN India presence, is committed to helping companies and establishments produce tangible desired results through a self- discovery process. This is done through multitiered people transformation processes and well-structured interventions which motivates team members to perform effectively and to manage challenges constantly.

Ram KumarSeshu, Founder, Born To Win Learning Service mentions,“Many employees or professionals remain stagnant in their career growth. At Born To Win, we help them understand, accept and overcome their blocks effectively through our specially designed L&D programs which aim to bring about a change in mindset. The firm’s multitiered people transformation processes and interventions act as a catalyst for the growth and development of an organization.”

Born To Win Programs enables human capital of the organizations to drive enhance results in areas such as Productivity, Quality, Delivery, Efficiency, Innovation as well intangible benefits like ‘bringing synergy among verticals’, ‘building cohesive team,’ ‘time management,‘goal clarity’ and effective communication. Speaking more about the programs and services, Mr. Seshu, who is also a member of The Rotary Club of Bangalore, says, “Our flagship program called Winning To Lead is a six week intervention, designed for managers and above. The program helps managers to work better, faster and in an easier way. Our Second program, Inspire and Win is
designed for the supervisory level and below. This program is deployed in a manner that is easy to grasp and implement. We also have innovative programmes like Winning Edge and Winning Teams conducted outside the office premises. Winning Edge is high energy one full day out of the office program specially customized to the need of the client, whereas Winning Teams is two-day out of the office experience for senior leadership teams that aligns leadership to the common vision of the organization.”

Through their four well-structured programs, Born To Win has delivered direct benefits like performance enhancement and confidence building. Rendering solutions across various industries such as Agri Business, Automo tive & Engineering, Aviation, BFSI, FMCG, Government bodies and PSU’s, Healthcare, Hospitality, ITES, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals and many more.

"Having sixteen years of experience in the domain, today, Born To win has successfully implemented their ingenious programmes in seven languages across 31 cities in the country"

methodology and unique process that is easy to follow and thereby helps build risk - taking capacity, develop innovative attitude, building effective teams and align organization goals.

Going one step forward, as a part of their CSR Born To Win conducts Probono programs to build confidence amongst the under privileged children.

Having sixteen years of experience in the domain, today, Born To win has successfully implemented their ingenious programmes in seven languages across 31 cities in the country. With offices in Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi, this new-age L&D consultancy firm has served more than 250 organizations till date. The company has impacted the lives of over 100,000 individuals by changing their thought process and enabling them to take positive actions. The company has deployed its process in large, medium and small industries and also start–ups. Some of the clients of Born to Win are ISRO, State Bank Of India, Sansera Engineering, Makino India, Prestige Constructions, PN Rao, ITC Infotech, WABCO India, Hyundai Motors, Indium Software, Sambandam Spinning Mills, Colgate Palmolive India Ltdand the list continues.

“Keeping the processes dynamic and learning from feedback has helped us keep a head of market trends and conditions over these years. The firm has also built a remarkable team of trained facilitators that helps the company rapidly scale-up the deployment of programs based on a project requirement,” says Mr. Seshu. Aiming to build a Generation of Professionals, who Believe, Think and Act as WINNERS, Born To Win’s future plan is to explore the North-Indian market to its full potential, then followed by West and East.