MJ Management Consultants: An End - to - End Business Licensing & Registration Service Provider Helping Entrepreneurs to Establish and Grow their Business

The Indian government officially commenced its contribution to the startup journey by launching ʻStartup India’ on January 16, 2016. The sheer aim of this initiative was to provide ample support, and benefits to innovative startups, eventually allowing them to flourish as full-fledged companies. Emerging as the land of businesses and startups, today, India has more than 7500 companies coming up per month. However, for a business to run effectively and efficiently, the primary and most important step is to have the necessary registrations and licenses. Established in 2010, MJ Management Consultants is one such prestigious firm which recognized the challenges that business owners faced while obtaining registrations for their companies. Initially set up as a recruitment firm, the company’s business model was soon restructured into an end-to-end Business Licensing and Registration provider, which is an essential requirement for the industry.

With a vision to bridge this gap between the customers and their requirements Manjunath, Founder & Proprietor, MJ Management Consultants says, “I started in early 2010 with minus investment, not even zero, minus because I had my own financial commitments, zero industry knowledge, and around eight employees. While the initial association was as a recruitment consultant, the early days paved the way to what MJ Management Consultants is today. During the initial days, we would meet numerous key-management level people for work purpose; it was while we waited to meet them that I noticed that most offices were facing difficulties in getting approvals from various government departments. They would often meet various consultants but due to some reason or the other, the companies often failed to get the right solution. Taking note of this, I approached the management to help them. I met each and every department’s officers, government officials and made them my consultants; I took their advice and eventually started getting the license and registration works done. This was our turning point, and at MJ Management Consultants, we left no stone unturned when it comes to cashing on this opportunity. Today, we are amongst the few consultants in India which are working with maximum government departments. Even though we are small and new, but we are working end-to-end with the officers.”

Quality Services through Qualified and Skilled Professionals
The alarming rate at which today’s corporate world is expanding, many business consultants are stepping up to offer affordable services to entrepreneurs that have a business idea but don’t have the knowledge, resources or the experience to move their concept ahead. Whether a company needs business registration, licensing, additional seed funding, innovative marketing strategies, assistance with finding the best employees for their workplace or all of the above, getting the right advice from the right source can be crucial to a business. MJ Management Consultants is a dynamic, business-arranged association, positioning itself amongst the most extreme substances in giving a wide collection of Business Licensing and Registration services.

Headquartered in Bangalore, MJ Management Consultants has helped start and operate thousands of businesses by offering end-to-end Licenses, Registrations, and Compliance. The firm aspires to help entrepreneurs with their legal and regulatory requirements while being a part of their journey throughout the process. Based on the requirements which vary from company to company and industry to industry, the registrations and licensing can often be a daunting task for a business owner; this is where a business management consultant plays a key role. “We offer our services across various industries such as Retail industry, Manufacture industry, Food Chain/ Restaurants, Construction Projects, Solar Power Projects, New start-up licenses, and compliance and many more. Suppose, you are in retail business, even if you want to sell Good knight All out coils, you require some license; you must put MRP Label on every product, there is a specific law for that too. Whether it is proprietorship or partnership or a private limited business, we provide complete licensing and registration. Our areas of focus include FSSAI, Labor department licensing & compliance, Pollution control Board clearance, factory laws and compliance, auditing, HR policies, legal metrology, and labor law training programs. And, we don’t just give licensing and registration compliance, we are also going one step ahead and providing awareness on what is their business, what are challenges, success or failures of their business,” speaks Manjunath.

Today, while there are many consultants in the market offering company registration services, MJ Management Consultants is taking the lead amongst all by presenting the best solutions for all the business registration needs by analyzing, judging and probing the future and present requirements and then offering the best possible solutions rather than just
completing the job. The firm is working with maximum government departments and trying to cover almost all compliance and services under one roof, right from land purchasing to production, MJ Management Consultants is a one-stop-shop for all advisory and other regulatory compliance services.

A leap from Passion to Profession
Started in a small room with a desktop and eight employees who eventually left the firm in just three months due to financial constraints, the journey of MJ Management Consultants has not been a bed full of roses. Later I decided to have a great team instead of having employees. Now we have 30 in the team and every one knows my dream and vision. After this new team our attrition rate in below the 2 percent (in the last 8 year). However, with his strong determination and will power, Manjunath has overcome all the stumbling blocks, and his vision has transformed into reality. Manjunath got extreme moral, emotional and financial support from his wife Ms. Vasanthi. She had 12 years of experience in Payroll Management, HR Policies, and HR Compliance. She contributed almost her earnings to run this company. Today she also part of the company as Head -Business and Strategies. Today, MJ Management Consultants has more than 100 clients who are served by a team of 30 skilled and proficient employees. Some of the prestigious names served by the firm are Tata Power Solar System Limited, Avvada Solar Pvt. Ltd. Aditya Birla Retail Ltd, Amazon Retail, Toyota Kirloskar Motors, Cloud tail India Pvt. Ltd, Fresh Menu Food Vista, Hitachi Terminal Solution Pvt. Ltd, Cure Fit, Cure Foods, Cult Fit, Kaatizone (East-West Ethnics Foods Pvt. Ltd), Poncho Hospitality Private Limited, Jubilant Consumer Private Limited and many more.

"MJ Management Consultants is a dynamic business – arranged association, positioning It self amongst the most extreme substances in giving a wide collection of business licensing and registration services"

“We can proudly say that our customers are our ambassadors, they are building my business through retention and references. All my clients are my investors. We started with minus investment, but today, with a team of more than 30 people, we are doing 7-8 crores business. We have lots of opportunities to expand our business, but we will makeslow and firm progress towards our objectives,” utter Manjunath. With its revenue growth over three times annually, in the years to come, MJ Management Consultants wishes to expand its wings across other cities. Speaking further, Manjunath shares, “We are planning to open 30 branches in 30 states; this would help our business grow exponentially. But, we are taking it one step at a time. My immediate aim is to expand MJ Management Consultants, with 30 branches and over 500 employees we want to set a benchmark in this industry. Our clients know our strength and they believe in our potentials, we have built these relationships on trust and these are life-long relationships where once a client comes to us, they remain with us forever. In coming years, we want MJ Management Consultants to be a renowned name in the industry with its clientele ranging pan-India.”

Signing off with a vision to serve more customers, from India and overseas, Manjunath says, “Today, many foreign companies are hesitating to start their business in India due to the intricacies involves in our regulation system. I wish to convey our Indian regulatory bodies and policy makers to support the employees and employers. There is a need for change to drive in. Investors need to be aware of the laws and regulations. We need to create a positive outlook about our laws and country. My intention is to change the current perspective. I want to tell the foreign Investors that consultants and government officials fool you because of your ignorance or lack of knowledge in the land of law. Many want to expand their business, but a few have an understanding of our laws. I want to bridge this gap and tell them and make them understand that we are here to support their business and employees from end-to-end.

An Edge Above the Rest
MJ Management Consultants is specialized in end-to-end registration and compliance consulting services like –
• Certification, Training, and consultation on ISO
• Setting up a company like Proprietorship, Partnership, LLP, Pvt.ltd, Public Limited
• Department of Factories - Compliance & Consulting
• Department of Labour – Compliance & Consulting
• NOC/Clearance/Compliance from Pollution Control Board
• Legal Metrology matters
• Food & Safety issues (FSSAI)
• Music licenses like PPL, IPRS, Trade Licenses,
• GST, Payroll, Professional Tax, ESI, EPF, PT, TAN, Income TAX
• Labour Compliance Audits and Management
• Preparing HR Policies & Setup a new HR Department
• IR Issues, ID Act, Trade Union
• Labour Court Matters, COD Conciliations, Settlements
• Weighing & Stamping, Packaging License, Importer License, Court case related to Declarations on Packaging Products from Legal Metrology as per Legal Metrology
• Insecticide License from Agricultural Department
• State excise - Wine, Liquor License Renewal & Transfer
• OTC Drug License for Retail Business
• NOC and Advisory recommendation and arranging training from the Fire Department
• Import & Export License from Central
• Explosive License NOC from District Authorities
• Training & Development and many more