Bramha Consultancy Services: Offering Statutory Compliance with Time - Bound and Efficient Solutions

Employment and labour law is seeking recognition at a tremendous rate in India. During last five years, a lot of labour welfare provisions and women employee welfare schemes such as Maternity Act, Gratuity Act and PF Act have been introduced in the country. Above all, adoption of new technologies has made the Government Departments, Administrative offices and Corporate more result-oriented than before. These developments underscore the importance of a labour law specialist at every organization, be it individual business, corporate, educational institute or even NGO, to evaluate their compliance accurately with employment laws. A professional labour law consultant can offer sound advice which is technically appropriate and up-to-date, thus keeping a company protected from a series of legal hassles; this is what Bramha Consultancy Services is adept in. Whether it is the application of law or software, Pune based Bramha Consultancy Services is an expert in statutory compliances and delivers distinctive and lasting benefits for clients with its time-bound and cost-effective services.

Established in 2008, Bramha Consultancy is committed to creating a sustainable and long term benefit for clients with its high quality tools and techniques. Company’s wide range of services comprises Labour Audits, and Labour Law Due Diligence, Labour Law Registrations, Annual Retainership, Training Module on Labour Law Compliance for MBA Students, Conduct Training Module on Labour Laws for HR ADMIN FACILITY Managers or
Staffs for Multinational Companies. Hemant A. Deshpande, Founder & Principal Consultant, Bramha Consultancy Services mentions, “Mainly we use three tools for our services: GAP Analysis, Monthly Compliance/ Analysis and Case-to-Case Basis. GAP Analysis is a powerful tool to reduce company losses in terms of compliances and minimizes HR/IR issues. Monthly Compliance/Analysis is another tool that can help the industry to ascertain and chalk out the grey areas on monthly basis. It can also be called as the Health Report of the organization in terms of Labour Compliance. Apart from these two tools, we workon a case-to-case basis with a few organizations and start-ups so that they can minimize their cost in terms of compliance.”

For GAP Analysis, the company follows a unique modus operandi. “We generally ask the client to provide the required data before the 5th day of every month and try to give the solution before the 10th day. This helps the client to get five days extra to pay the Government Dues before the 15th day of every month. Due to this unique approach, the clients can have 100 percent control over their cash flow, better audit report, timely payment of government dues and employee satisfaction, all in one. For example, currently, we are working on GAP Analysis for a manung a turnover of around 50 crores per annum. This analysis will help them to ascertain the GAPS in terms of 18-19 labour laws and the solution to resolve the issues,” states Hemant, who is also a Member of Maratha Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture and the author of ʻHandbook of 21 Major Laws for the Businessmen’.

Within 11 years, Bramha has increased their client base from one company to over 100 Companies and served many reputed clients including Tata Communications Transformation Services Limited, Persistent Systems Limited, and MDI Networks Private Limited. The company’s cutting-edge technology solutions, knowledge in the latest amendments, well-experienced consultants, transparency in communication and time bound execution helped them to lead such impressive growth in the market. Explaining about their future roadmap, Hemant says, “Currently, Bramha is working on Client Compliance Support Software development, where the client will get the feedback fortnightly from our end on this platform. In the coming years, the company plans to extend its reach at PAN India level, while spreading awareness about corporate and labour laws by writing and publishing books. We intend to publish these books in English and regional languages also.”