ArBhar Consulting: Anchoring Businesses!

Vijay Sampath,Founder

Rather than living fast and dying young, many people have started venturing out on their own. Some around nearly after two-three decades of working and some even post that. After all, their broad and deep knowledge, management experience, and large professional networks certainly give them an edge to create a niche for themselves in their specialized field.

For Vijay Sampath, stepping into the consulting domain was not by chance,but by choice! A passionate soul with competence across strategic GTM, Partnership & positioning, Vijay comes with a strong global exposure working with leading corporate giants such as Symantec, Hitachi Data Systems, Dell and more. In his past stints, he had achieved enough recognition as an executive dedicated to enhancing customer success. Being in the other side of the table for more than 25+ years, what caught his attention was that the companies still followed the old-method of consultation where in they relied on the format rather than trying to solve the problem. Vijay explicates, “I noticed that none of the consulting firms was focused on other key areas such as what was impacting their cost, how to reduce or increase the margin. Foreseeing this, we decided to solve the major issues and help businesses out by offering a process driven result-oriented focus.” This led to the existence of ArBhar Consulting.

Mumbai based ArBhar Consulting missions to drive the desired outcome for its customer’s by listening and understanding their vision, plans & challenges effectively. The company has partnered with enterprises and commercial organizations that seek strategic results aligned with their business & information.
All Consulting Services Under one Roof
Trying to take the business to the next level, the entire concentration of ArBhar revolves around a process driven and result-oriented approach. A highly experienced team comprising of CAs, CMOs and HR personals at ArBhar work towards solving real business problems through innovative use of consulting. Combining the rich domain knowledge, hands-on experience in best practice management and process management, ArBhar today offers services in Business Process Re-Engineering, Strategic Consulting, Branding, Sales Coaching & Communications, Learning & Development, Training and others. Focused largely to bring productivity & profitability for the clients business, the company is uniquely positioned to deliver exceptional consulting services with real world applicability.”From the competition perspective, we try to address through our turn-around time and keep the process as simple as possible. Our area of specialization comprises of process outsourcing, taxation practice, reconciliation, HR practice and rest,”speaks Vijay.

"Targeting right from fortune 500 companies to start-ups, ArBhar wants to grow as a happy place to work with creating happy lives"

ArBhar leverages the right experience, methodologies and tools to consistently deliver results on time and on budget. Keeping an eye on the domain skills and SOPs,it follows the control & compliance guidelines defined by Govt. of India or any statutory bodies. The company also leverages technology applications to make the business process simple. “Basically, we use analytics for Business Intelligence. Moreover, as per customer’s need, we involve technology tools until and unless asked by the customers or essential to meet their requirements,” he says.

Next McKinsey in Making!
ArBhar, overcoming the challenges of hiring talent and getting customer acceptance, ArBhar today with a team of 20+ people have grown steadily. In fact,in just a years’time,it has been able to compete for big giants in varied projects. Currently,the company is in talks for strategic tie-ups with a large automobile manufacturing company and is also working on a financial analysis using SAP for another big giant in the HR domain. Targeting right from fortune 500 companies to startups, the company wants to grow as a happy place to work with creating happy lives. Recently, it has set its office in Chennai and plans to expand soon to Bangalore. And set its footprints in the UAE market.