Allianz Biosciences: An Exclusive Probiotic Research and Manufacturing Hub

Sankaranarayanan, CEO

In 2004, Tablets India Limited(TIL), a leading provider of unique and innovative pharmaceutical formulations entered into an agreement with a Japanese probiotic research company to develop & introduce an exclusive pre & probiotic product for the Indian market. Until then, the term probiotics was much in its infancy stage. Only a handful of Indian companies were involved in the manufacturing of probiotics, in the same premises, were other synthetic chemicals were being manufactured. Understanding the fact that unlike synthetic chemicals, probiotics were extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity conditions and required delicate handling, Tablets was quick to realize that a dedicated bacteria-friendly infrastructure with controlled environment capability was the need of the hour. Not just to manufacture quality and stable probiotics but produce those that last till the end of its shelf life.

Aligned with this thought process, TIL established Allianz Biosciences Private Limited (ABPL). Located amidst the scenic beauty of the French Riveria of the East, Pondicherry, ABPL is one of India’s first-of-its-kind exclusive probiotic manufacturing and research facilities, solely dedicated to manufacturing high-quality probiotic formulations complying with the global standards.

“As the pioneers in introducing the concept of bacterio therapy using pre and probiotics in India, we had no reference of established infrastructure to follow nor had any tried & tested guidelines. With the assistance of the Japanese collaborators, we built Allianz as per the Japanese standards in term of infrastructure, machinery & equipment.”
Over the years, ABPL has strengthened its understanding on probiotics through interactive sessions along with keeping it updated with the latest happenings taking place in the probiotic manufacturing world. The company has consistently upgraded by equipping to latest techniques, machinery, know-how and quality control equipment to deliver 'Japanese Quality at Indian price'.

"ABPL caters to 20+ notable clients across the globe and has collaborated with 12 international partners"

Allianz envisages the potential of probiotics for better health. The company believes in offering robust manufacturing solutions to the clients’ problems. “At Allianz, we take pride in having the best probiotic formulation capabilities. A couple of our formulation and innovations has no peer even globally.”

Allianz offers contract development,manufacturing, packaging along with a new dosage developmental stability services. Its product range is categorized for two divisions – Human Health & Animal-Aqua Health.

Well-Equipped Facility & State-of-the-art Infrastructure
Team Allianz holds a strong passion for probiotics and obsession for quality. From the regulatory perspective, the company is accredited by ISO, HACCP, GMP complaints and certifications. Moreover, the QC Labs are equipped with state-of-the-art analytical equipment to conduct an analysis of probiotic strains with higher accuracy.

Realizing that when it comes to probiotics, the packaging is just not a delivery form rather it is essential to building product stability; ABPL has invested heavily in developing the state-of-the-art packaging lines for the probiotic products. For instance - creating probiotic products in an aluminium canister, in a desiccant-coated canister, in a glass bottle containing granular powder, to name a few. The flagship offering BIFILAC offers documented efficacy and safety.

The Journey
Since 2004, the journey of Allianz has been an exhilarating one. Today, the company caters to 20+ notable clients across the globe and has collaborated with 12 international partners. Flagging off the journey with two product lines, currently, Allianz has 10 manufacturing lines. Soon, the company is going to commercialize its newly developed sugar-free mouth melt probiotic powder in the market. Allianz, today, is an esteemed exporter of probiotic products across Europe, Russia, South East Asian countries and others. “We are not only trying to develop unique formulations but also are gearing up to accreditations like PICS GMP/EU GMP for drug class exports.”