Aamirav: Global Brand Name for Specialty and Aroma Ingredients

Jaidev Merchant, Director

Mumbai based Aamirav Ingredients & Specialties Pvt.Ltd.,specializes in delivering innovative solutions in Home & Personal Care Product Development as well as in identification, supply and distribution of Specialty Chemicals and Aroma ingredients. Aamirav also provides diverse Consultancy services and is a one-stop-shop for bespoke product development assignments in Fabric Wash, Fabric Care and Personal Care. Since incorporation in 1991,the Company has an enviable track record of success in challenging assignments. Its strong code of ethics & professionalism rests on a bed-rock of expertise. Aamirav treats clients as partners in progress and goes the extra mile, unfettered by contractual obligations to achieve targeted objectives.

Over the years, Aamirav has provided innovative solutions and received accolades & awards from numerous clients and from Industry as a trusted provider of solutions in multiple market segments and categories such as soaps and detergents product development, Specialty chemicals, ingredients for soaps, detergents, cosmetic applications, aromatic ingredients, natural and essential oils for flavors and fragrances, and supply chain optimization.

The Genesis & Principles
Jaidev Merchant, the key driving force behind Aamirav, worked for around 14+ years with one of India’s largest public companies. He felt his enthusiasm and innovativeness were shackled in the corporate environment and decided to venture out on his own. His high degree of self-confidence and the emotional satisfaction he derived from his work spurred him on to venture into the sourcing and development of specialty and aroma chemicals and also detergent& personal care products ingredients /devcelopment. Soon Jaidev realized that Aamirav could leverage on its strengths to provide technical and supply chain solutions to small and medium enterprises that lacked such capabilities. “Helping small players achieve their objectives by assisting them in product development and in marketing is a very fulfilling experience for me. I provide them with multi-faceted holistic support in technical and non-technical dimensions, and their success is my reward. We see our clients as extensions of ourselves”,says Jaidev Merchant, CEO.

Over the years, Aamirav received accolades on their quality of work as a specialist in technical development, marketing, distribution and supply chain services. The services of Aamirav include identifying reliable vendors,
vendor evaluation, vendor audit/ benchmarking, Market Intelligence, creating new product possibilities and others. The target audience comprises both, Indian companies that want to market their products globally and foreign ventures that intend to enter and grow in the Indian market.

"Aamirav has grown from USD 2000 in 2005 to a multi-million dollar business today with offices in Mumbai & Pune and a Collaboration/ Distribution Center in Singapore with BELGES"

As a leading company with global interests, Aamirav offers a broad spectrum of customized products and solutions right from product conceptualization to commercial production. Aamirav focuses on delivering comprehensive support for supply chain related activities and also acts as a one-stop-shop solution provider ranging from import & local warehousing of raw materials, consolidation of small quantities of products for export shipment, auditing, distribution and more. “Since inception, we have been fortunate to have many mentors, big companies like Procter & Gamble, Godrej, Hindustan Unilever, DRT-FRANCE, PINOVA-USA; fast growing and dynamic Indian companies like ETERNIS, ATUL, KEVA, BEST VALUE- every Principal, customer, employee and even our competitors have contributed to our learning and growth and molded us into what we are to-day “ acknowledges Jaidev.

The Growth & Success Story
What initially started off as a venture in sourcing and application of Specialty Chemicals, for the Home & Personal Care Industry quickly grew into ancillary areas of aroma ingredients and Supply Chain Distribution as Aamirav leveraged on its expertise and strengths.

Aamirav’s first breakthrough came soon after the company was founded when a conditioner was developed for the brand Lakme and thereafter there was no looking back. The Company soon attracted International clientele like Warwick International - UK,Sud-Chemie-Germany,Milliken- USA, Belinka Perkimija-Slovenia, DRT-France, Pinova-USA and others. This demonstration of trust and confidence has enabled Aamirav to grow from USD 2000 in 2005 to a multi-million dollar business today with offices in Mumbai & Pune and a Collaboration/Distribution Center in Singapore with BELGES,and the growth trajectory continues.

This demonstration of trust & confidence in Aamirav was significantly strengthened by the induction of Winston Pereira,ex-Director of Unilever who headed their Asian Fabric Wash and Fabric Care Technical Development. He brings with him a wealth of approx. 40years experience across diverse geographies spanning Israel to Australia & Europe and now leads a team of professionals in Aamirav in holistic product development. A well equipped pilot plant and semi-commercial plant supports product development work and enables preparation of powder, bar, liquid, etc. prototypes for consumer testing or market seeding in Home & Personal Care. “We aim to stay focused and restrict ourselves to our areas of specialization and expertise. We believe we will lose our cutting edge competitiveness if we expand our net to cover new areas like say plastics, inorganics, and commodities. Although we aspire for growth and work towards growing our business, it will not be at the cost of rigour and professionalism,” concludes Jaidev with a smile.