Ficus Consulting: Nurtures the Culture of Instinct Engineering

HarishKumar, Executive Director

In 2009, Harish Kumar, a graduate of PSG College of Technology and a Mechanical Engineer by profession noticed there exists massive gap in Indian Engineering Consulting industry with huge disparity to match the quality of International Consultancies. Indian consultancies were focussing much on deliverables and lacked qualities to perform value Engineering, optimized asset utilization, multi-criteriaanalys is, innovation and technology optimization to create values. The gap caught attention of Harish Kumar to missionize Ficus, which strongly believes and strives to infuse above qualities inprojects. His insight is predominantly gained from his work tenure with various global consultancies such as Aurecon and RHDHV. “At Aurecon, I was exposed to fact, every project has its own challenges and critical demands that are newer, leading to create values. Here,consultancies believe value addition is in-built in the services and executes projects as executed in past. Thevision is reluctant to recognize the need of innovation and value addition. Recognizing value creation as the need of the hour to bridge the existing gap, we established Ficus” speaks Harish Kumar, Executive Director, Ficus.

Coimbatore headquartered Ficus designated to be a value-oriented consultancy that shoulders assets such as diligent listening to clients, asking conscientious questions that are critical to project success, keeping pace with the latest technology and strong affiliation towards know-how driven by high expertise & integrity. The company visions to become multi-national consultancy focused on professionalism and ethically partner with our clients.

Synchronizing Deliverables with Latest Trends & Advanced Technology
Ficus nurtures the culture of ‘Instinct Engineering’ where the ethical values are cultivated to approach deliverables professionally. Adapting management styles like lean management, poka-yoke, kaizen etc., the company advised and consulted various multi-disciplinary projects with unique value addition in cost and time of projects. Keeping
synergy with the emerging technologies such as IoT, sustainable buildings and scientific waste management, Ficus represents itself as the primary provider of consulting, engineering and management services. With the emphasis on learning & development, Ficus ensures, their projects attain pinnacle by enabling resilience to synchronize with trends.

The company’s key advisory groups include
. Ports and terminals
. Mining Material handling infrastructures
. Grain silos and Industrial plants
. Buildings(Industrial and Commercial)

The company provides gamut of services such as
. Master-planning and DPR
. Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
. Due diligence and transaction advisory
. Logistics optimization and capacity augmentation studies
. Pre-bid and Basic Engineering
. Tender and Detailed Engineering
. Procurement technical support
. Fabrication, Erection and Commissioning supervision
. Cost estimates for all stages of the project
. Project Management

Ficus'specialities include
. Bulk material handling systems design
. Engineering of Long & High-Speed Conveyors
. Discrete Element Modeling for Material Chute Geometry
. Project concepts based on multi-criteria analysis and asset utilization
. Building Information Modeling (BIM) based designs for building projects.

"Ficus nurtures the culture of ‘Instinct Engineering’ and cultivates the ethical values of quality engineering to sell projects professionally”

Mentioning about one of the projects for Tata, he states, “Ficus was hired to identify the complete concept design(pre-bid stage) of project by reducing CAPEX as much as possible to win the bid for Food Corporation of India’s grain storage facilities. We have studied and proposed to utilize existing foundations to reduce the expenditure diligently. Our people identified apt foundation strengthening techniques and the new designs saved around 20% of the estimated CAPEX”.

The client portfolio includes Tata, SICAL, ABG-LDA, Adani, Adani Australia &PMC Projects. Growing organically with a team of 15+ people, Ficus opened another office on May 21st this year and strives to expand in Engineering services outsourcing and other verticals related to Building Information Modeling (BIM).”