Profin Capital Advisors: Delivering Customised financial solutions

CIO Vendor TThe inception of Profin Capital Advisors was entirely due to the sheer need of the corporates to seek high quality advice and execution skills in an independent environment free of conflicts of interest. The founders of the company who possess decades of experience in Debt Syndication and Corporate Advisory Services; soon after sensing the need decided to create a platform in the Corporate Debt Advisory space that would procustomized financial advisory services and solution to the clients.

A well-known name in financial consultancy services, Profin Capital Advisors formed by ex-bankers, Chartered accountants, Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries is engaged in providing whole gamut of services such as Loan Syndication, Project Consultancy, Corporate Debt Restructuring, PE Advisory, Corporate Advisory, M & A, amongst others.“We aim at providing quality advice and execution free from conflict of interest, and it has been rewarding us. About four years ago, while assisting one of our clients with funding solution, we had given him a few suggestions to improve profitability, systems and procedures, Advisory on Legal and Accounts etc, without any extra remuneration. Today besides Project Finance, we are also managing his internal audit, legal advisory and advisory services in almost every routine matter. This has been possible only by providing quality advice, execution skills free from conflict,” speaks Vijay Gupta.

In fact, the Profin team does not restrict themselves to provide one time funding arrangement but endures association with the clients by assisting them in every possible manner. “Once the client achieves success with our services, they become our permanent client for various other advisory roles,” Vijaysays.
A Trusted Financial Guide
A cost effective financial service provider, Profin caters its services primarily to the medium enterprises as they are the ones who fail to afford the services of qualified and experienced Finance Professionals or CFOs. There are instances, when they find it difficult to effectively prepare and present their proposals to Bankers even though they have a viable and acceptable project. Throwing light on, Vijay adds, “Here we play a vital role. We provide them advisory services in the Finance, Accounts, Secretarial and Legal fields. We have experiences of dealing with private banks and financial intuitions and so we can easily identify whether a proposal is acceptable. If yes, we suggest them the best and most cost-effective route of arranging funds - Debt, Equity, Private Funding”. This approach helps the clients and industries in saving their valuable time, energy and resources on unacceptable projects and ensure that the acceptable projects get the required funds in time.

The Profin team does not restrict themselves to provide one-time funding arrangement but endures association with the clients by assisting them in every possible manner

When it comes to M & A services, the company has access to the corporates which require funds. They have in their knowledge the corporates who are willing to have a quality partner or are willing to dispose of a particular project or unit. “At the same time, we have access to investors looking for good investment opportunities. We also have access and expertise in valuation skills. These skills help us to play a vital role in negotiating mutually beneficial terms between buyers and sellers in M & A opportunities,” he further adds.

The Future Endeavours
Operating from NCR initially, today the company has opened offices in New Delhi, Lucknow, Chandigarh and plans to start operations in Bangalore and Pune shortly. With passion to find the right solution, understanding of the client’s finances, Integrity and quality services, Profin sure shot has a long way to go! Only those consulting firms who work without conflict of interest and aims for providing effective solution to their clients, will be successful in long run”, smiles Vijay.