Head West Migration: Immigration to Australia& Canada made Easy!

CIO Vendor Immigration sector is a mixed bag, where 'fly by night operators’ are dime and dozen fleecing gullible people's money and taking advantage of their lack of knowledge and an undying aspiration to move overseas at all costs. More stupendously, environmental factors in India also favour to these people’s advantage as the socio-political instability along with the recent pollution scare resulted in people resorting to quick-fix solutions.

With these challenges in Immigration field, in mid-2015, Head West Migration made its first appearance by successfully establishing an unblemished, high-quality service that genuinely creates an honest opportunity for people to live the life of their dreams. As a matter of fact, to work towards this goal the company applied for ISO 9001:2015 Certification and became one of the few players in the segment to boast of an International Quality Certification.

"We are one of the few players in the immigration space, who give free profile pre-assessment in writing to the clients, detailing their eligibility for the Permanent Resident Visa, which is dependent on the points they score and occupation they work in," proudly enunciates VikasPuri, Founder & Director, Head West Migration.

The Journey to Success
Over the years, the journey of Head West has been very rewarding as their clients have shown immense faith in the company and its practices. "Our assessment process is sacrosanct, where customer’s profiling is given utmost importance," states Vikas. That is, the company does not accept clients like many others irrespective of their eligibility, nor they fabricate documents and aim towards 100 percent success rate. In fact, a lot of clients were surprised when they gave them clear advice and told them that they didn't qualify, as other companies were signing them up. In a short period of time, Head West has been able get many successful Visa approvals and bring smiles to its ever-growing customer base.

"It's hard, to be honest, and upfront in immigration space. As this approach meant we signed up only selected clients and lost a lot of business. But, this very approach has given our brand the goodwill as we had customers come back to us when people took them for a ride. We have now created a special niche for ourselves and come as a boutique option for people looking for genuine work," asserts Vikas.
An End-to-End Immigration Services & Solutions Provider
Specialized in offshore permanent resident visa program for Australia and family skilled worker program for Canada, today, the company has opened doors to a lot of IT professionals, engineers, marketing professionals, customer services, senior managers, supervisors, nurses, teachers and many other technical profiles, to live the dreams of the western world.

Head West Migration services was born out of passion to demystify the life in western world, to create an option for families to migrate legally, aspire to become global citizens, avail subsidised world-class medical and education benefits

Also, with acclaimed and experienced lawyers in its team, Head West professionally assesses the client’s eligibility, defines the right occupation code and undertakes end-to-end solution for the client starting from getting the education/skills assessed and then filing the immigration application and finally getting the legible PR visa stamped on the passport.

A Franchise Model - The Future of Head West Migration
Franchising is the way to go to take the offerings of Head West Migration closer to all people needing genuine consultants. Company is looking to join hands with fresh start-up entrepreneurs, education business owners, IELTS academies, Network marketers or any one who wants to help others genuinely while aiming to set up a credible business. After their successful launch in Gurgaon, the company at present has ventured to newer locations in Delhi, Bangalore, Dehradun and Saharanpur on a franchise model. And soon will have PAN India presence.

What the future Holds for Canada and Australia
With USA tightening its immigration policies, Australia and Canada will benefit from their flexible immigration programs. “Already many IT professionals within the USA have signed up with us for Australia and Canada, and much more will follow, the timing is perfect,” states Vikas. Canada has set its sight to issue invite to 1 million migrants uptill 2020.

He further concludes "We are looking to widen our scope of offerings by introducing study abroad opportunities for Australia, Canada and Europe; and EB5 USA Green Card Visaand property migration options for Portugal, Greece and Malta for Investors/Business People."