The Manoj Tandon & Company: Growth Catalysts for SMES & MSMEs

CIO Vendor Technology is an enabler. On its own, it does not solve any problem. If used correctly, it gives tremendous power to its users. Therefore, companies should not get enamored with all the latest technologies and start using them even if they are redundant.

Delhi-NCR based The Manoj Tandon & Company (TMTC) also believes in the same principle, where the company first evaluates the value addition and the REAL benefit the new technology provides to the business growth. “Always remember business is paramount, technology is only an enabler,” asserts Manoj Tandon, Founder & CEO, TMTC. Who is also the author of a famous book called ‘Growing your IT business via Better Client Management’. The book is now a part of IIM, Ahmadabad library and was featured on the homepage of the website of one of the biggest IT advisory firms in the Silicon Valley called Sandhill Corporation.

The Genesis
Manoj graduated from IIT Kanpur, IIM Lucknow and then joined the IT industry. During this particular phase, the Indian IT industry was just a couple of thousand people trying their best to make a dent in the international market with minimal resources and non-existent environmental support.

He says “Clearly, led by some very able people, we succeeded”.

Excelling beyond boundaries, Manoj got a wonderful opportunity to work and has held multiple senior leadership positions including Managing Partner, Member of the Executive Committee etc in the US, UK, France and other countries. As time progressed, in 2013, he was a bit restless. He wanted to use his knowledge, experience for the benefit of others, needless to say, not just as a CSR activity. Build a company that is going to transform SMEs and MSMEs business.
“My vision was to earn just enough to keep my kitchen fire burning but in the process help young companies, young bright youngsters of today achieve their dreams by making available to them my experience, learning, and wisdom I picked through working for a long time in many countries in many roles and at a cost which they can afford,” says Manoj, who has 30+ years of robust experience in the IT industry including Delivery and Customer & Business Management.

Our target is that we should enable our clients so well that after 2 years, they should not even need us,” says Manoj

The Definition of Success - Streamlining Process
Typically, consulting industry is famous or notorious for being known for only giving advice to the clients. So, the process is, they come in, they understand the problem, they give a solution and then walk away. “We don’t believe in that”, avers Manoj.

The TMTC team understands that the majority of the SME’s don’t have the knowledge, background, and experience to implement the solutions on a continual basis. So,TMTC ensures to remain associated with its clients in implementing everything from soup to nuts. “We sit in their reviews, we train their people, we solve their intermittent problems, and we fine tune the solutions to the extent that we even sit in their customer meeting, sometimes represent our client - if the situation demands.”

TMTC’s Growth Way Forward
In the span of four years, the company has attained impeccable results, where TMTC has transformed from INR half a million per annum to revenue of INR half a million per month, company. Currently, operating in India, Dubai and North Africa and other countries, TMTC initially was providing solutions to only two clients, but today, they are working with more than 15+ clients, taking their business to next level. “Our clients, on an average, have grown by more than 150 percent after associating with us,” says Manoj, enthusiastically.

He further concludes, “Our observation is that we have a lot of bright and smart young people who are trying to do some good things but they need guidance, mentoring, hand-holding so that they can fulfill their dreams. We, at TMTC, feel great pleasure in seeing the smile on their face when they succeed.”