GreenLeaf IT Consulting: Leveraging Technology for Your Business Growth

CIO Vendor One of the most famous real-estate firms that is known for constructing large residential buildings in India often, found it difficult to manage the process efficiently. The pain points came into limelight only during the budget allocations of the new project. In the past projects, the documents and the designs were all over the places and there was no single window of contact to view the existing information in real-time. Also, the authorities were in a dilemma of not finding the information easily for future references and security concerns.

GreenLeaf IT Consulting coming to the rescue implemented Project Contract Management software to their existing setup. This essentially transformed the entire process whereby the direct integration with budget and cost module ensured accurate and up-to-date cost reporting. And, gave them the clear picture of the bill of quantities to measure progress, manage changes by tracking cost events and trends early in the process, and most importantly it enhanced the overall efficiency of the business.

This is just one of many interesting cases where GreenLeaf IT has refined the project methodologies using its cutting-edge technology software solutions, tools, and training implementations to companies across industries. Established in 2007, Noida-based GreenLeaf IT is one of the leading provider of consulting & training solutions for Engineering, Procurement & Construction, Project Management, Business Process, Oil & Gas, Process, Power (Generation, Transmission, and Distribution), Building services consulting, Ship Building, Govt. and Manufacturing sector. GreenLeaf IT has worked with some of the big names in the industry like Engineers India Ltd., Tyco Thermal, Alstom Power, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Saipem
Troune Engineering, Samsung Engineering, Minimax, Bridge & Roof, Punj Loyd, Simon Carves, Technip KT India, Bridge & Roof, Moser Baer and many more.

A Unique Approach & Quality Engagement - Enhancing Businesses
“We provide solutions, as per customer’s requirement. A lot of organization just sells software,” asserts Pradeep Pandey, VP, GreenLeaf IT Consulting. Before providing solutions to its clients, Greenleaf IT does thorough research and studies the requirement of the need for the upgrade and guarantees good Return on Investment. The differentiating factor that sets GreenLeaf IT apart from its competitors includes the unique approach towards implementation and the highest level of customer engagement that inevitably enhance the overall growth of the business.

Today, GreenLeaf IT deals with design management system and project management implementation as a service, where they offer end-to-end solutions to its clients. Being a Gold partner for Oracles Primavera and Silver partner for Autodesk, the company provides various solutions that include Autodesk, Primavera, Gasworks, and Pipemill. This leverages them to provide customized, cost-effective solutions to its clients.

GreenLeaf IT's Growth Way Forward
Sailing against the wind, the company has provided services in the project management domain for more than a decade now, and the team posses’ in-depth knowledge and experience in project, process, and people management skills. Over the years, the company has also achieved tremendous growth, where they initially started out with 5-6 lakhs, and today GreenLeaf IT has transformed its business into becoming a 7 Cr company, and has 28-30 employees, comprising of engineers, consultants, and industry & technology experts.

Operational wise, GreenLeaf IT has its presence in northern parts of India. Gradually shifting its interest based on changing market trends both in terms of technology and business, the company is soon said to provide innovative solutions for the project, design, and utility & facility management arena. Further elaborating on the roadmap ahead, Pradeep says “We will be focusing on the smart-city projects in the coming years and we will be expanding our services accordingly. Also, we will ensure to provide continuous engagement with all our clients.”