Terracon Ecotech: Delivering Sustainable Solutions

CIO Vendor Dr. Ramesh Madhav was the chairman of an NGO for an Environment and Biotechnology Foundation called ENBITECH, which was incorporated in 1991. Since then, he has been involved in various ecological activities including rural & agricultural resource planning, water resources, watershed management, and environmental impact assessment monitoring and land use planning - Comprising of green belt development, eco-restoration of degraded and waste land.

Fascinated by his line of work and achievements, Ashok Jain, a business evangelist approached Dr. Madhav. This collaboration transformed the organization and led to the foundation of Terracon Ecotech in 2008. Before this, the operation of the NGO was only limited to the state of Maharashtra, and this had its constraints in terms of providing innovative solutions to other parts of India.

Ashok, associated with various facets of industries across domains, during his stint has worked with some of the large corporate houses like Tata Group, RPG Group, Shoprite of South Africa and Australian Government, and has helped Terracon reach to a whole new level.

From Ecology & Biodiversity to Environment Impact Assessment
The company operating in the niche segment of ecology and biodiversity, during their initial stage faced hurdles, as most corporate and government agencies were entirely new to the concept. And, a lot of effort went in vein providing awareness to client across the country.

In the last five years, their hard work has definitely paid off and elaborating on the same, Ashok says, “Along the way, we interacted with a lot of clients, private & government, during this transition, we
realised that it makes no sense for us to expand our product portfolio and offer services, which are not only necessary from a market point of view, but also from the client point of view. So, keeping this in mind we created a tool to measure the urban biodiversity and also offered solutions in the space of the UMEs. As time progressed, we entered the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) in 2013 and got accredited done.”

Based in Mumbai, Terracon Ecotech from a mere 5 member team has grown to 45 members team and has carved a niche in the environmental consultancy space

Today, Terracon is serving to various clients across industries and is an accredited category ‘A’ consulting firm that has worked close to 15-16 projects related to EIA. Since inception the company has worked with more than 40 clients and has delivered more than 90+ projects. Few of their clients include – Vedanta Group, TATA Group (TATA Motors & TATA Power), ACC Cement, Mahindra & Mahindra and others. Additionally, the company has worked with PSUs like Gas Authoriy of India Ltd. (GAIL), HPCL amongst others. Also, some of their biggest clients are the municipal bodies of the suburb Mumbai. Internationally, they have worked with companies in Spain and Australia.

Terracon's Growth Plan
Based in Mumbai, Terracon Ecotech from a mere 5 member team has grown to 45 member team. Over the years, the company has generated 30 percent YoY revenue growth and has carved a niche in the environmental consultancy space. Further concluding on a positive note, Ashok says, “We want to be recognized as one of the best environmental service players in the country. Moreover, we are looking for some international partnerships to bring in dept knowledge in the consulting space. In the next three years, we will multiply our size 5 times and will be venturing into other areas by providing turnkey solutions to the clients’ right from conceptualizing to commissioning of the projects.”