Garudadri Engineering Consultancy: You Dream It, We Build It.

CIO Vendor Vivek Thota was always a firm believer of the concept that imagination has no boundaries. It is limitless. Dreaming about something and putting it into work definitely helps someone to achieve the fruitful result. Thus, fortifying his belief into action, he established Garudadri Engineering Consultancy, a consultancy firm in the arena of Architectural & Structural engineering. Hence, Garudadri surfaced as a provider of basic engineering & structural engineering consultancy services to encompass all the facets of architectural or civil engineering right from conceptualization to execution.

With a team of dedicated engineering professional with at par excellence in the field of structural engineering, irrigation, civil engineering & survey, Garudadri till date has completed 752 projects and is growing with a total design area of 102 lakh sq.ft. Moving ahead in the respective space, the company strives to make the effective utilization of the latest technologies and bring in the best of innovations & advancements.

The inception story of Garudadri Engineering Consultancy dates back to the time when Vivek Thota, a structural engineer, after pursuing his post graduation started a company under the brand name Garudadri. Thereafter, working for various projects as a freelancer and some for the leading oil companies, Vivek decided to move out of it and start a consultancy that is purely working on structural engineering domain.

Explicating on his journey, Vivek Thota, CEO, Garudadri Engineering Consultancy, says, “When I completed my graduation nobody knew who a structural engineer was. Deeply triggered by this I always wanted to create an impact stating that a structural engineer is the one who is behind the whole scenario right from architecture to design work.
Therefore, with a desire to make an own space in the market, I established Garudadri Engineering Consultancy.”

Encompassing all Facets of Architectural & Civil Engineering
Embarking on the entrepreneurial voyage with a different mindset, Garudadri began its journey with convention centres. Later on shifting its core activities towards warehouses, shopping complexes and more, the company understood the fact that in order to provide better infrastructural development one needs to intertwine with all the required engineering products & more. Thus, helping the clients with right solutions it offers services in areas of Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Project Management & Irrigation. “We help our clients with a full range of services for all the stages of development of the project. Driven by the philosophy ‘Simple & Direct’, we ensure to suit their needs through best plans & designs,” avers Vivek.

Over the years, Vijayawada based Garudadri has rendered its prestigious works in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka

Over the years, Vijaywada based Garudadri has rendered its prestigious works in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka. As a regional consultant based in Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Chennai & Bangalore, the company has done around 18 convention centres in Andhra Pradesh including the most coveted “A” & “A+” Conventions, built the largest warehouse for VRL, Vijayawada, undertaken irrigation projects under State Govt. & more. Recently, it has successfully completed a project in Rajahmundry whereby the team of Garudadri has built a housing complex amidst geographical disturbance in space of 100 acres.Designed and currently working on a unique model for a Private Freight Terminal with land, sea & air connectivity, with a roof-top solar power generation of 14MW (the largest in India) in Kakinada district of Andhra Pradesh. it has also completed projects for clients that include Indian Railways, CPWD, HPCL, IOCL, Shell, Reliance& others. Stepping stone to success along with being a major source of encouragement for the near future, Vivek concludes, “We want to be known as a firm accustomed with principles. Moreover, increasing our project base we also want to see ourselves as a leader in the structural design empire with enabling Reliable solutions.”