MSK Fingen: Building Established Business Relationship

CIO Vendor MSK Fingen was founded in 2011 as a technology-driven boutique Investment Banking Advisory Services Company and is managed by industry veterans who have a robust experience in the realm of corporate banking, financial institutions, offshore investments and private banking. The team on average consists of individuals that have 30+ years of experience in their respective domains.

Boast by the experienced team of individuals who has served the industry for a very long time, the company’s relationships with its clientele also ranges across sectors like energy, logistics & transportation, healthcare, finance, oil & gas, infrastructure, real estate, aviation, and hospitality amongst others.

MSK Fingen diversifying its operations across industries offers comprehensive solutions to its clients, which includes – Project Financing, Debt/Private Equity Financing, M&A, Financial Planning, Investment Banking, to name a few. Most important of all, the company treats each client uniquely in terms of their financial situations and they don’t simply close the deal. Instead, they ensure sustainable financial health to its clients by providing post-transaction advisory support. Santosh Banerjee, Founder & CEO, MSK Fingen, avers “We believe that if we work with our clients as their extended business partner and not just as a transaction agent, we can create a long lasting value for our clients.”

Every Opportunity - Just a Handshake Away
As a full-service investment & financial advisory firm based in India, Singapore & USA, MSK Fingen offers tailor-made solutions to its clients depending on the needs and situations. The company works with privately held, publicly traded, early & late-stage companies, domestically and internationally by helping clients achieve corporate
goals and enhance shareholder value. Also, MSK provides customized financial solutions to companies seeking assistance with M&A, short and longterm financing needs. The firm emphasizes on simplicity, creativity and agile methodologies in order to provide clients with innovative solutions that enables them to address the needs. That is, they help the clients evaluate their strategic alternatives, define key business issues and find the right solutions.

As a full-service investment & financial advisory firm based in India, Singapore & USA, MSK Fingen offers tailor-made solution to its clients depending on the needs and situations

Deepankar Sen, Senior Director, MSK Fingen, adds “We are rolling out a platform that helps our clients interface more effectively with their business goals. Also, in addition to ensuring quality and transparency, we built in efficiency and integrated analytical reporting into an otherwise offline and broken process.”

MSK Fingen over the years has been part of many clients’ success stories and they have started working on large projects on long-term mandate basis from 2016, as a lead advisor and syndicators. Anu Mago, Director Investment Advisory, MSK Fingen, USA, says, “We currently have mandates from top corporate groups, ancillary & captive Infra projects, BOT projects (five projects) involving disposal of investment stake, transportation solution services projects, water/wastewater treatment, waste to energy (mandate from a billion-dollar company in China) and renewable energy. We have already initiated the due diligence process for several of these projects.”

Today, the company has carved a niche in the consultancy space by successfully building a network of associates comprising 300+ CAs, management, and financial consultants. Enthusiastically concluding the roadmap ahead, Santosh Banerjee says, “Over the next three years, our plan is to facilitate transactions worth more than US$2 Billion in multiple industries as a lead advisors and syndicators to arrange and syndicate equity/debt/M&A facility. Our strategy is to leverage the economic growth of India to provide high returns to the stakeholders of our clients.”