Connvero Consulting Services: Comprehensive Business Support

CIO Vendor In the age of unprecedented disruption, most consultancy firms succumb to integrated digital services. This transformation, however is so obsolete for any business to thrive now that clients across the globe is likely to encounter newer challenges irrespective of the innovation in the technology space. Moreover, the concept being nascent, most of these firms continue to find it difficult to understand the trepidation that exists to be able to deliver effective solution.

An emerging consulting company, CONNVERO based in Gurgaon is changing the perspective of people with a collaborative approach by helping clients co-create cutting-edge business solutions that deliver measurable results. Arun Kumar Krishnan, MD, CONNVERO CONSULTING SERVICES, explains, “We offer our clients assorted services under one common platform and almost all the services are being offered digitally as this enables our client to reduce 70 percent of the efforts and the costs that they have been incurring the services related to International Marketing & Exports.”

More than anything, the company now is instrumental in providing numerous services that includes Export Readiness Evaluation, Trade Show Representation among others. Besides, all services are offered as a package which further simplifies the entire process for the clients. Arun adds, “The costs at which we deliver services are a fraction as compared to what our clients have been spending previously.” He further says, “Most of our competitors today are only focusing on Automation of the process. We, on the other hand, have been doing it in a more traditional manner, integrating it to the digital aesthetics and our deliverables are completely routed through enhanced manual efforts eradicating the errors of assumption drastically.”

Services Focused on Clients
Over the span of two years, the company has carved a niche in the consultancy space by imparting knowledge to the businesses across India by establishing and enhancing the business opportunities in the international markets. The team's focus revolves around developing an online-based platform /forum through which all the aspects of exports could be clustered reducing the time, effort and cost incurred previously by the organizations. The company offers its clients a gamut of services, right from Market Research and Analysis to International Business Development, Taxation Services, Custom Services, Business Portfolio and Advertisement Management, Trade Show Representation Services, Risk Management & Mitigation, Due Diligence (Domestic & International), Market Entry Strategies, Full Service Export Management, Joint Venture, FDI and Mergers, Financial Consulting & Reporting Services, Marketing & Lead Generation Services, and IEC & Export Documentation Services.

CONNVERO CONSULTING SERVICES’ focus revolves around developing an online-based platform/forum through which all the aspects of exports could be clustered reducing the time, effort and cost incurred previously by the organizations

Pursuit for Expansion

CONNVERO at an expansion phase is working on projects with a completely digitalized methodology to promote business in International Markets and with the launch of their program World Export Zone. They hope to enhance their presence in 6 countries by end of 2017. Also, the growth of the firm has been phenomenal, where they have acquired more than 700+ clients till date and almost 75 percent of these have been since April 2016, indicating a major increase in their Market Share. Arun concluding on a positive note state "Our value of honesty, integrity, commitment, and delivery are important to us. We are very straightforward in all our dealings with clients, candidates, contractors and our employees. We ensure that we provide the right solutions at the right time to maximize our clients’ business potential. We don’t want to be the biggest, but we want to be the best, as our business continues to grow.”