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CIO Vendor Changing the way people get legal help in India - Kaanoon.com provides an online platform to receive quick, affordable, and quality legal advice from lawyers all over the country. The company helps individuals get their legal questions answered, consulted lawyers on the phone, hired a lawyer for various fixed-price legal services, and has found a competent lawyer without wasting thousands of rupees on the wrong lawyer. A legal marketplace, Kaanoon.com is run by a highly experienced team of individuals who come from various backgrounds in programming, user experience, product management, strategy, and legal.

“Questions asked on the site typically receive answers from multiple lawyers in a few hours during the day. Users can also see which lawyers are currently online and can request immediate phone consultation with a lawyer of their choice,” informs Amit Goel, Founder, Kaanoon.com. Kaanoon.com is a 100 percent secure, mobile friendly platform that uses 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure confidentiality of the information of the users as the information is transmitted over the Internet.

Kaanoon.com provides an online platform to receive quick, affordable, and quality legal advice from lawyers all over the country for the general public as well as for NRIs all over the world. The legal advice includes answers to legal questions, phone consultations, and services like sending a legal notice, reviewing legal documents, reviewing property papers, reviewing contracts, reviewing lease papers, power of attorney, among others. Besides getting questions answered quickly and anonymously, users can also see which lawyers are currently online and can request immediate phone consultation with a lawyer of their choice.

The Motivation behind Kaanoon.com
Remembering the days before he explored the legal market place with kaanoon.com, Amit describes his experience while he was shopping around for properties in India. Throughout the phase which involved reviewing purchase agreements and other property contracts, there were many occasions when there was a need for legal guidance to facilitate negotiation terms with sellers. With high hopes, Amit posted relevant queries online on a few sites that existed at that time, and unfortunately there was no response from any of the lawyers. Constrained, he hired a lawyer and spent a fortune to get his legal queries answered.

To make things worse there was a second opinion from another lawyer-the outcome however was zilch. This was the time when Amit realized something was clearly wrong. Obtaining quick legal help should not be so expensive, he thought. This thought persisted in his mind for many months as he tried to devise a viable solution to this problem. He discussed this problem at length with friends, family, and lawyers. Over time, he sensed an opportunity, and finally decided to pursue it actively in 2013.

From the research he did in those months, a huge untapped opportunity in legal space in India became apparent. He did what entrepreneurs typically do - tested the market before doing a full launch. He created a fake 3-page website and sent traffic to it via Google AdWords. The response was overwhelmingly positive, which proved the demand for online legal solutions. Amit even found the domain name kaanoon.com readily available to buy, which further convinced him of the lack of attention to online legal solutions in India. The opportunity seemed too exciting to ignore and he had to give it a try. Thus kaanoon.com was born.

Since that day, Kaanoon recruited good lawyers and ensured that they were benefitting from their participation. Throwing light on his experience while recruiting lawyers, Amit speaks, “I didn’t want to start building the site until I had commitment from lawyers, and I was afraid lawyers would not commit until I showed them a real website with real traffic and a potential to generate leads. I spent a few months reviewing and short listing good lawyers, having phone calls with them, understanding their needs, and convincing them that they will be able to grow their practice with this website. After enough lawyers agreed, I built and launched the site, while keeping in touch with the lawyers throughout. When I finally launched the site, for a few days after launch, not a single lawyer signed up. I realized that while it was easy for lawyers to commit participation out of politeness, when it was finally time to sign up, they didn’t have time. If lawyers didn’t have time to sign up, then how would they spend time participating on the site? I had to do something.” In the next few days, Amit pursued lawyers continuously by email and over the phone and even took their information and registered a few of them himself. Finally, enough lawyers signed up and he opened up the site to real traffic. From day one, the users and lawyers loved the site and he has never looked back ever since.

A user friendly legal platform, Kaanoon.com caters its legal advices across a wide range of areas like family law, marriage, divorce, 498a, child custody, domestic violence, property law, landlord-tenant laws, criminal law, civil law, and others. Legal services include sending a legal notice, reviewing legal documents, reviewing property papers, reviewing contracts, reviewing lease papers, and power of attorney. “Our target audience is Indians and NRIs all over the world who need legal help on matters subject to Indian laws,” he says.
Benefitting Clients with a Virtual Team of Lawyers
The site has been approached by several customers who are in the middle of divorce, criminal case, or property-related issues, tenant-landlord issues. Needless to say, they have been benefitted with quick legal help by the Kaanoon team. A testimony to this is one of the successful customers who were helped by them after being threatened with a lawsuit by his landlord. The landlord claimed that the tenant was responsible for the serious damages that had occurred to the rental property. Instead of hiring a lawyer, the tenant was able to use kaanoon.com to get the legal help he needed by getting his questions answered privately on the site from multiple lawyers. The tenant opened a private discussion on the site, described the situation, and multiple lawyers rendered their advice in that discussion thread. As active discussion continued over the next few weeks, the discussion thread ended up containing the entire history of the case, and the lawyers continued to provide expert advice in the same thread, helping the tenant navigate through the legalities of the case as the case evolved.

Kaanoon.com provides a smarter way for lawyers to find new clients and the platform enables them to become part of its panel of lawyers, where they can answer questions and build their feedback ratings

“As a result of the advice the tenant received on Kaanoon.com, he was able to get back to the landlord with confident legal answers every time, because the tenant had a virtual team of lawyers secretly helping him at every step – lawyers he had never met or spoken to. The tenant was able to argue with the landlord that the clauses in the rental agreement were vague and were not sufficient to hold the tenant liable for the damages. In short, the tenant was able to defend himself confidently based on the advice he received from multiple lawyers on kaanoon.com, and the landlord quickly backed off. Without Kaanoon.com, the tenant would have spent at least five times the amount of time and money on finding such legal help,” explains Amit.

Kaanoon sets a high bar for lawyers to participate on the site by carefully monitoring lawyer activity on the site, and by incorporating user feedback ratings at every step. “We only host lawyers who have received positive feedback ratings from our users. Low performing lawyers get filtered out quickly and automatically. This automatic quality control has helped us tremendously in becoming a platform where users can find a competent lawyer and receive quality legal advice. In other words, Kaanoon is a smarter way to get legal help,” mentions Amit enthusiastically.

Kaanoon.com is also a smarter way for lawyers to find new clients. The platform enables them to become part of its panel of lawyers, answer questions on kaanoon.com and build their feedback ratings. This way, the lawyers acquire opportunities to showcase their subject matter expertise on a popular online forum without the need to write their own blog, which can be very time-consuming and may not get much attention. In addition, lawyers get the freedom to choose to provide fixed-fee legal services. Since Kaanoon handles the billing upfront, the lawyers are able to solely focus on helping the clients. “We have built and maintained strong relationships with participating lawyers and have ensured that their needs are met. Even though there are thousands of lawyers signed up in our platform, there are about 30-40 lawyers with whom we are really close; they feel welcomed on our platform and are happy to provide quality legal services in a timely manner,” mentions Amit.

The Success Saga over the Years
A small and nimble company passionate about solving customers’ problems, Kaanoon.com gladly acknowledges to have received tremendous positive feedback from their customers. Over the last three years, the platform has built a strong team of carefully handpicked individuals in technology, user experience, and marketing, as they have stayed focused on their objective. As a result, the company has grown tremendously since its launch in November 2013.“Our revenue has increased ten times in the last two years, and we are just getting started. With more goals, we are trying to make legal solution easily accessible at an affordable price. We envision being the ultimate platform that can help customers find a competent lawyer and receive quality legal help, whether it is for an enterprise or for an individual,” Amit concludes.

Clients Speaks - Word of Mouth
Thank you so much for this platform. Every time I use your portal, I bless you from my heart for creating and maintaining it. It is such a boon to get different legal opinions just at the click of the mouse. It offers complete privacy. One can use it 24 x 7. One does not have to visit an advocate as per HIS schedule. I pray to God that more and more people take benefit of this portal. Shivam, Bangalore.

I sincerely appreciate that lawyers took the trouble of typing out detailed answers in a meticulous manner, that too before proceeding to work, when all of us are busy. I got excellent advice from a team of expert lawyers which would have taken weeks and a lot more money otherwise. Thank you and your team of lawyers for providing this site.
Roopam, Chandigarh

• Your Virtual Team of Lawyers:
Think of Kaanoon as a virtual team of lawyers always on your side and ready to provide legal advice any time, with complete confidentiality.

Amit Goel, President & CEO
Amit Goel graduated with a B.Tech. in electronics from IIT Delhi and Masters in Computer Science from Virginia Tech,USA. He is passionate about using his skills in software development, user experience, and product management to solve real problems.