Diwan Advocates: Safeguarding the Interest of Clients with Innovative Solutions

CIO Vendor Afew years ago, a famous case of trademark infringement was appealed to the Delhi High Court by Karim’s, a historical restaurant situated near Old Delhi’s Jama Masjid. The case was popularly known as a ‘Spicy trademark dispute’ whereby the plaintiff i.e., the Karim’s filed a suit for permanent injunction to restrain the defendant from using the trademark ‘KARIM’S’ or any other mark identical with or deceptively similar to its registered trademarks including KARIM MUGHLAI CUISINE. The defendant argued that the plaintiff was not the owner of the trademark and moreover, the trademark of the brand was transferred to Karim’s Moghlai Trust by the owner with his will under the terms that the right to use was only provided if transferee paid royalty to the trust. Thus, Diwan Advocates after looking at the matter helped the Karim’s out to gain interim relief and concluded the case on the note that the restaurants with the name KARIM’S/ KARIM were paying royalty to the plaintiff & the Trust was not receiving any royalty from any individual, traders or business entity.

This is one of the many successful cases of Diwan Advocates on how the firm with its consistency & trust has been able to win the belief of the clients and has been able to create its own identity in the legal space. Founded by two determined Indian lawyers with excellent knowledge in International, Corporate & IPR laws, Diwan Advocates has made its presence with the ideology that the depiction of legal expertise reflects from the difference of perspective & approach towards the case as well as the clients. “Looking at the atrocities in the society, the legal solution has paved a way for itself. With developing the interest in the legal domain since the first day of the college, I decided to establish a firm that turns out to be an asset for life. Identifying the loopholes we
succeeded to bring in a platform that strives to provide adequate solutions and satisfactory results to the clients, with complete trust & dedication,” speaks Farrukh Khan, Administrative Head & Partner, Diwan Advocates.

Institutionalised as a full-service law firm & practicing agency, the firm primarily focuses towards the excellence in legal advisory services and tries to benefit the clients with exemplary solutions. Specialised in corporate, commercial, IPR, transactional works &complex litigation process, Diwan sights to offer services in all the other aspects that include Dispute Resolution, Aviation Laws, Contracts, Criminal Laws, Education Laws, Environmental Laws, Real estate laws & others. Farrukh avers, “We focus on doing what we are best at. Whenever a client approaches us with a problem we try to understand their needs and ensure best solutions with giving profound knowledge of the ongoing process.” He further adds, “We believe to improvise ourselves on everyday basis and develop a client-firm relationship that will help us achieve the desired goals from both the ends.”

Headquartered in New Delhi and rendering services to large companies, individuals and others engaged in commercial activities, Diwan Advocates sights to grow universally in the field of law

Expanding Globally
Headquartered in New Delhi and rendering services to large companies, individuals and others engaged in commercial activities, Diwan Advocates sights to remain ubiquitous in the field of law. With a team of 30 partners & associates, the company has been able to set up its base in Chandigarh, Allahabad, Meerut & Noida. Presently managing litigations & non-contentious work for various MNCs and domestic clients it also handles criminal litigation cases. Ensuring to expand its service range in Northern India, Farrukh concludes, “We will be opening our offices in Dubai and other parts of India soon. With an intention to provide satisfactory results, we will soon climb the ladder of success attained with motivation.”