Banthia & Co. Advocates: Global Legal Platform based on Inspiration, Perfection & Excellence

CIO Vendor With a team of 372 advocates and 23 offices across the world with 16 in India, 5 international offices in USA, UK, Dubai, Singapore, Turkey and 2 delegate international offices at Chicago & New York, Banthia & Co.Advocates is one of the leading sole ownership & proprietorship based law firms that has entitled a reputation by providing an exceptional representation of clients in business, litigation, property & real estate matters.

Driven by the motto to ensure prompt legal services wherever & whenever needed, Banthia & Co. Advocates believes to adopt the dynamic changes brought forward by the transformations rather than following the conventional methods of advocacy. Possessing an experience of over 6 decades in the legal business, the company fosters to maintain a long-term, comprehensive relationship with its esteemed clients.

The Genesis
The journey of Banthia & Co. Advocates is not one of the kinds that began in a single day. It dates back to the time when Late Shri Mishrilal ji Sb. Banthia started off his career as a judicial officer in the year 1927 at Baran, a district in the state of Rajasthan during the British regime. The legacy then was continued by his son Late Shri Nihal Singh ji Sb. Banthia who subsequently went on establishing a proper platform for legal advisory solutions & services. Hence, it was in 1953, Banthia & Co. Advocates was constituted. The company is presently, managed by Mr. B.S. Banthia, an advocate in the Supreme Court, & Mr. Neelesh Banthia, one of the youngest law firm owners. Elaborating further, Neelesh speaks, “I started my career as a Pilot officer and was working across countries at ground level. In the initial years of my practice, I realized that we can bring in the new change by providing new directions and
horizons to the firm and enable their fastened growth. Therefore, opting for a legal profession I decided to bring diversification in the legal profession by imparting discipline, commitment, honesty and the ability to deliver the work as fast as possible.”

Started with 10 advocates and 3 offices at Bhopal, Jaipur, and Delhi, Banthia & Co. Advocates today has spread its presence globally with 23 offices and 350+ advocates

State-of-the-Art & Communication Facilities
Specialized in different languages and accustomed to latest technologies, the firm represents Archdioceses, Dioceses & Religious Congregations of Roman Catholic Church along with rendering services to companies, institutions, and banks. Equipped with the state-of-the-art & communication facilities, Banthia & Co. Advocates pinpoints ‘expertise in local laws’ as its forte. Ensuring maximum competency along with adding benefit to have an easy access to local resources for in-depth research and investigations, the company pledges to deliver various inputs and valuable insights for the development of economic & commercial condition of the country. Spotting ‘Regularisation of Properties’ as its flagship offering it also deals with international investment & property matters. The other offerings include Arbitration & Conciliation, Banking Laws & Regulations, Commercial & Corporate Laws & more.

Confining ourselves not only to conventional methods, we proffer documents in the form of binded books & in a computerized manner. We also upgrade our advocates with the current laws & regulations,” avers Neelesh.

Started with 10 advocates and 3 offices at Bhopal, Jaipur, and Delhi, B anthia & Advocates today serves 20 Archdiocese/Diocese and 80 Religious Congregations worldwide and has also ventured as a Knowledge Process Outsourcing firm, in the name of Banthia Legal Services UK Ltd. Explaining on the future plans, Mr. Neelesh concludes, “We are planning to expand ourselves globally in countries like Abu Dhabi, Australia, and Canada and also have plans to work on due diligence and compliance in relation to property and cross border investment matters.