SunInfiniti: Lighting Up Lives!

CIO Vendor SunInfiniti is all about capturing the infinite power of the sun to light up lives of people. The team at SunInfiniti believes in today’s world it has become imperative for all of us to look for alternate energy mediums to reduce the threat of climate change. To safeguard prosperity in the future, it is necessary to move to renewable energy sources at the earliest. The Solar energy is one of such renewable energy which is available in abundance and free as well. “We aim to be the carrier of acceleration in adoption of Solar Energy in India. Our endeavor is to make Solar a mainstream source of power generation and eliminate the dependency on the fossil fuels. This will ensure a cleaner world for the future generations to come,” speaks Prashant Kamath, Chief Consultant & Founder, Suninfiniti.

It was 2014 when all of this started. Prashant was happily employed in an IT company. He was very keen about the environmental solutions and was very closely following the solar segment. This fuelled his passion to venture into the solar space; he quit his job and began investing significant time in solar. Naturally, the more he involved, the more he became interested. He could then realize that solar was one of the solutions to the problems of people especially in remote areas where there is a deficit of electricity. Thus Suninfiniti came into being. The initial journey of Suninfiniti began with primarily catering to two segments - solar roof top consulting and Innovative solar products. Over the years, the company has completed 100+ consulting assignments in Solar Roof Top area and has covered almost 15-16 districts of Karnataka to successfully implement their innovative solar products. The company has worked closely with panchayats in rural areas thus lightening up lives in such remote places where power is a problem.
Affordable, Efficient, Reliable Solar Solutions
With Innovation, Quality and Made in India as the core strategies, Suninfiniti currently offers solutions in the areas of Solar Roof top consulting, Solar Solutions and Energy efficient LED Solutions. The company provides consulting services to customers who want to explore the solar solutions. They undertake end to end Solar Roof top projects for residential and commercial spaces. “Our endeavour is to provide complete proposal for Solar Roof Top – On grid and Off Grid solutions to our end customers. This includes Understanding requirements, Site survey, design and costing. The proposal is given to customer which becomes a benchmark for them to decide on the solutions offered at large. We do not engage into implementation,” Prashant explains. In the solar products segment, the company caters to innovative solar lighting products like Solar Street Lights, Solar Home Lighting solutions, Solar Lanterns, Solar Tube light based on Lithium Ion technology.

Suninfiniti has completed 100+ consulting assignments in Solar Roof Top area and has covered almost 15-16 districts of Karnataka to successfully implement their innovative solar products

The Road Ahead
“We have embarked on a journey with a mission to make the solar energy available and accessible to each and every people. We are committed to provide affordable, efficient, reliable and sustainable solar energy solutions coupling them with energy efficient products,” says Prashant. In the years to come, the company has plans of adding more innovative products which can cater to problems of people. “In our solar roof top segment, we are planning in getting into implementations as well. In case of our products, we would be expanding our geographical presence to entire Karnataka in coming 6-8 months. We are definitely looking for investments in innovations coming out with unique products ourselves. It’s a long drawn initiative,” he concludes.