BHSPL: Experience and Knowledge which Meets Individual Solutions

CIO Vendor Alok Kumar is known to have more than two decades of experience in the hospitality industry. After working with reputed organizations at multiple locations across the country for over 20 years, the last assignment as Vice President - Food & Beverage at PSTL, Chennai for pan India operations handling QSR, Cafeterias and Food Service verticals and as State Head at RKHS, Mumbai, he realized the shortage of skilled manpower required for the hospitality sector. This urged him to set up a professional hospitality consulting company that would look after the need of SMEs engaged in this field. This was the inception of Brassica Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. (BHSPL) in 2008. The company is known to provide extensive services in various fields of restaurants, catering & food service sector, such as planning, co-ordination, procurement, recruitment, training, project management, and pre-opening activities as well as setting-up the operations for commencement.

Initially, there were complexities faced by team BHSPL pertaining to maintaining minimum requirement as far as the statutory compliance or any standard required for the business. However with time, the firm was successful in moving ahead by striking a proper balance based on commercial viability. Adding to this, Alok says, “We have also faced competition from organized as well as unorganized players due to their insecurities relating to business protection and client retention. However, we have maintained our principle of being honest and transparent in dealing with clients’ irrespective of small or large businesses”.

Over the years, BHSPL has worked on several projects as startup to establish its own identity in the market by having own outlets as QSR and a Fine Dining Model at Delhi and in nearby states.
Speaking about the establishment of its consultancy division, Alok avers, “During the initial period from 2008 to 2012, we had started operation of our own QSR brands in Delhi & NCR and institutional catering with some of educational institution which could not be expanded due to many reasons. Then, we realized to focus on own strength and expertise in technical area as service provider for small and medium enterprises to bridge the gap and create a healthy business vertical. This way our consultancy division began in 2012 and since then there was no looking back”. BHSPL caters consultation services to its clients that include selection and finalization of business concept, selection of brand name of concept or business, preparation of project work with commercial report, manpower planning, recruitment, standard operating procedures, management contract of hospitality project, management audit, training of every level as per specially design module etc.

BHSPL continuously briefs its team to be realistic, honest and transparent with clients while dealing and giving any assurance to them

The Silver Lining

Being a professionally managed company with good exposure from bottom to top as well, BHSPL is blessed with having good source of pull from the industry professional on own network that meets the demand of clients on any given time. The firm continuously brief sits team to be realistic, honest and transparent with clients while dealing and giving any assurance to them. With this, BHSPL has successfully offered consultancy services with complete dedication. In the years to come, team BHSPL envisions having nationwide presence with the help of qualified experienced professional team in metro cities as well as tier II cities in India. “For such kind of version we are trying to rope in some of additional services like interior designing and project construction part too. We are also working on hospitality institute model to bridge the gap of skilled med level worker by introducing industry oriented diploma courses,” he concludes.