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AKS Tax Laws: A Single Window Tax and Accounting Service Provider

CIO Vendor Robert T. Kijosaki in the famous book Rich Dad, Poor Dad says,‘Accounting possibly is the most boring subject in the world. Also it could be most confusing. But if you want to be rich, long term, it could be the most important subject’. This book released in 1997 covering various aspects of Accounting like assets & liabilities, financial intelligence, entrepreneurial and investment skills is relevant not just to the ‘Average Joe’intending to go big but significantly more so to the Start-ups and other businesses who are constantly looking to climb up the corporate ladder. But more often than not they end up scoring an own goal by not keeping their books in check. AKS Tax Laws, an Accounting & Tax firm was set up with a motive of simplifying the complexities faced by various entities.

Late Anil Kumar Singh, a leading Income Tax advocate established AKS Tax Laws in 2008 and his son Puneet Kumar Singh, FCA has been able to realize the dream by setting up a Global Accounting & Tax Advisory firm offering all the related services under one roof. The firm’s mission right from its inception days was to address the needs of the clients, and saw that seamless accounting solution, real-time financial reporting, tax compliances, Business advisory, book-keeping, tax advisory, diligence & audit services, and efficient and cost effective solutions were the need of the hour and delivered it impeccably.

The company has added numerous other services to its arsenal in its eight year existence, some of them being Tax litigation & arbitration, Advisory on Trademarks, Patents & Copyrights, Business planning, Finance procurement and establishment of Start-ups (Companies, LLPs, Firms, Trusts) and Investment advisory in India as well as abroad. AKS Tax Laws through detailed research and travel has developed advisory services tailor-made in a country specific manner helping clients who would earlier struggle to find Law firms at foreign locations.
The firm has worked in Israel, Germany, Finland, Uruguay, Norway, Vietnam and Thailand and has in depth knowledge of country specific laws. The International advisory services provided is a prime example of the company addressing the issues clients face.

“AKS Tax Laws through detailed research and travel has developed advisory services tailor-made in a country specific manner helping clients who would earlier struggle to find Law firms at foreign locations”

The services rendered by the firm are undertaken by clients hailing from various industries and nature viz. Paper industry, Solar power industry, Construction & Infrastructure industry, Medical industry, Transport sector, Automobile industry, Real estate Industry, HNIs, Foreign investors and Angel Funds etc. AKS Tax Laws remains distinctly ahead of its competitors in the industry due to the fact that it has in-depth knowledge and experience at the ground level, in addition to being the only player delivering client specific services under a single window in India and abroad. Behind all these achievements is a dedicated team working diligently helping clients meet their needs, few of them carrying 30 years of experience.

Based in New Delhi and Varanasi, the company aims to add more industries and countries to their portfolio and keep abreast with the latest technologies. Puneet Kumar Singh, Managing Partner, AKS Tax Laws, elaborating on their strategy going ahead says, “We want to keep track of the ever changing Government Laws and International trade practices and be able to predict future statutory developments in advance. We are also trying to keep ourselves up to date with new schemes of the Indian Government as well as foreign governments to be able to help our clients with first player advantages in various industries.”