AARK: Infusing Accountability into the Accounting & Taxation Industry

CIO Vendor Every organization currently occupying the industrial space is based on the root idea of providing a perfect end product. And rightly so, there are distinctively different businesses in various sectors and industries with their varying end goals and core competencies. Therefore profits/losses, a significant objective of the organization and a teller of its survival or success drops back to just being the coefficient of the whole framework. But capital flow inwards or outwards which is a vital part of a business has to be in order for businesses to move forward and thrive. Businesses often lack the required structure to actively monitor their form book, which leaves them in a difficult state more often than not. And that is exactly where AARK comes into the picture.

The company formed on the foundations of a strong bond between a few young professionals from the Big 4 companies with an unwavering conviction towards values, people and with paramount importance to clients. AARK was established with an objective to provide complete, competent, and best possible solutions and services in the areas of accounting, taxation, knowledge process outsourcing, compliance and corporate law.The company has been hugely successful so far with its provision of services, backing up on the motive of empowering & supporting their clients, providing exceptional service and developing engaging client relationships.

Incorporated in 1999, A A R K has in a over a decade of existence and continuously built a nice market for professional services in India, at many clients & sectors we compete with Big4 Firms in India and have captured pole positions.
AARK’s arsenal of Professional Services include Taxation services, Advisory services, Assurance services, Transactions, Finance & Accounts Transformation (F&AT), Legal compliances and Strategic advisory.

AA RK is an alliance member firm of Ryan LLC, seventh largest corporate tax firm of North America. Ryan provides a comprehensive range of state, local, federal and international tax advisory and consulting services on a multi-jurisdictional basis. Ryan is widely recognised as the most innovative in the tax services industry, Ryan’s multidisciplinary team of more than 4,000 professional and associates serves over 15,000 clients in 40 countries, including many of the world’s most prominent global 5,000 companies.

The organization in corporate lingo would be termed old with its presence in the industry standing at 17 years, but it is quite young at heart with its executive team of practice leaders averaging below 40 years and the staff below 25. With itsrefined service and in-depth knowledge, AARK has banished all doubts that it works with an inexperienced squad. This is also a reason which makes the company different from its peers, along with the team’s relentless appetite for winning in the market and an opportunistic attitude towards gaining and building a great client base, and ultimately sharing and deploying their knowledge and resources. AARK has managed to overcome the challenges that clients face; to list a few, business structure, valuations, fund management and cost & revenue optimization etc. The firm has improvised on its solutions based on these very challenges and has helped create legally compliant & sustainable organizations, develop customized solutions and deliver cost effective, quality centric services resulting in higher profitability.

The Gurgaon based company serves many a reputed clients and most of them belong to the enviable Fortune 500. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the company’s competent deliverance, commitment towards continuous improvement and growth. Peer review and quality control mechanism, heavy investment in technology, robust database, tools matching up to international standards, focus on team and the attitude they carry have all contributed to AARK’s glorious journey. In the years ahead, AARK plans to expand its services to five more cities (currently 7 cities) for their ambition of a pan India presence, work on International collaborations, develop relevant tools & technology and increase the firm’s leadership and staff count.