Origene Consulting

CIO Vendor A few years, when the family run Maini Group were undergoing a transition from one generation to the other and needed to create a blue print for the next decade, their first choice was Origene. While they were expecting typical consulting commandments and lectures, their interaction with Origen was surprisingly different and enriching and something that would stay with the family for years together. The series of lateral thinking workshops and exercises were scientifically designed to align the thinking and crystallize the future path of the group.All toward creating economic value for their Corporate Brand. Today, the Maini Group follows their focus areas and Economic Drivers unearthed during the programme. Their success has been manifold.

On the foundation of deep knowledge and experience in the branding sector for over 48+ years,Bunty Peerbhoy and Mala Dhawan focus on adding value for the Indian entrepreneur. Combining knowledge of Indian Consumers, Branding and Indian Business (especially Indian Entrepreneurship), Origene has a distinct edge. This coupled with the unique approach and incisive tailor made workshops which unearth the DNA of the business, the Origene Process boasts of a 100% success rate of driving Economic Value for Indian Businesses.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Origene is a subsidiary of MAA group, which is one of India’s earliest established communication firms to help organizations to establish their brand identity.
“Today if you look at statistics, the brand fatality rate is almost as high as 80-85 per cent, which means that most of the brands which are introduced into market fail to establish their presence. We established Origene to nourish their brand identity and most importantly focus on Economic Value and creation of Wealth through the brand,” says Bunty Peerbhoy, Chairman, MAA Group.

Why Origene?
Origene offers strategic business transformation and branding identity programmes for entrepreneurs in India across various industries.
Specially designed for the need of Indian SMEs, this program carves a niche by maximizing the economic potential of enterprises beyond its stated value. “After research and experience in the brand-building arena across various international models, we have brought the most pertinent of it all to design the Origene model, which caters uniquely and successfully to Indian entrepreneurs,”says Bunty.However, through value driven approach,Orgene’s workshops focus on providing a 3 tiered approach to each client– Unearthing,Unlocking and Unleashing. Through these structured solutions Origene program, focuses on helping clients to achieve their desired brand value.

The complete Origene programme is designed for midsized Indian businesses that compete with global entrants and also for companies which explore diversifications

“Origene is a proprietary tool specially developed to help unlock the brand's true economic worth. We believe that effective results can be achieved within smaller budgets, if understanding, focus and acceptance are achieved,” he explains.Being the economic drivers of the brands, the process focuses on helping the clients to achieve commercial success by making use of lateral thinking tools and creative workshops.

Services to Nourish Brands
The Origene edge unleashes a five-step solution to help brands connect with their needs. Focusing on unearthing the economic drivers of a business, the program uses lateral methods to bring alignment among the stakeholders and create the blue print for the future.

By long term alignment, it ensures the brand march to a single goal with Origene to support them on each and every step they take.Further, this brand identity program measures and monitors the process minute lyand guides the brands to work towards the future through well-planned visions. “Once we identify the economic drivers, we arrive at a single brand promise that will address a large amount of potential consumers to attain commercial success,” he explains.

The solutions provided by Origene are designed to furnish the client’s needs accordingly and are categorized according to different business classes. The complete Origene programme is designed for midsized Indian businesses that compete with global entrants and also for companies which explore diversification.The alignment programme is focused on Indian family businesses, firms going through flux and companies at the crossroad. Whereas, with the ‘Brand truth audit’ the firm works with the clients to identify gaps in perception and with the 360˚ approach, the audit helps clients align with different perspectives about the brand.

The strong association that the MAA group has with its clientele speaks volumes about the Origene process through which organizations experienced in terms of enhancing the brand identity, which is further reflected in the outcomes.The firm understands the DNA of Indian SMEs and delivers genetic makeover for the brands to deliver their maximum economic value.

Today, Origene proudly furnishes an array of prestigious clients from different sectors in the market which includes Kirloskar Electric Company, The Maini Group, ITM University, LJ Hooker, Embassy Group, Assetz Property Group and Start upsetc.

“We work with our clients through our patented set of lateral thinking workshops that help crack even the toughest problems and result in an actual measurable economic value,” Bunty proudly elucidates.Understanding the truth that it is relevant to boost up Indian brands, to flourish across the boundary, in the future Origene will be more focused into the Indian family business consulting space.Paving a new path in brand identity process, the MAA group is focused on making Origene process to become an ultimate name in the industry.