Krti Consulting

CIO Vendor In an era where organizations are trying to reach out globally, India remains an integral part of their business ventures due to its huge market. Irrespective of their size, no firm wants to ignore India’s strong customer base, second largest in the world considering its population. In India the battle is truly on, with companies gearing up to increase their market share in the shortest time possible. However, the Indian market has its own set of complexities. Even the erstwhile established companies have struggled to translate quality performance into delivered results in the diverse Indian market. Krti Consulting, a top- notch corporate consulting company is one of the foremost experts in understanding the Indian market dynamics has proved its credentials in restoring high performance implemented solutions for businesses. “We understand that in order to sustain in today's fast changing market dynamics and highly competitive world, everything has to be properly planned and executed scientifically,” adds Amaresh Kumar Rai, Director of Krti Consulting. This is exactly what the organization does.

Founded in 2012, the company has a vision to get organizations to maximize their potential in one of the fastest growing markets in the world using its global centric solutions. In order to help clients do the same, the consulting firm offers multidisciplinary expertise across various industry segments. “We want to create a business arena for companies that are looking to enter into the Indian market. We want to help companies face market challenges head on and build their own unique identity among other competitive players.”

Executing Advisory Services through Unique Business Ideas
Krti Consulting uses a fresh approach while engaging with clients. It essentially values the core objectives of an organization, and then attempts to deliver the most appropriate solutions backed by results.The company’s range of services includes Corporate Planning Services, Marketing Research Services and Market Evaluation Services, Business consulting, Brand Alliances, Management and strategic consulting.Market Making for Indian Market, Market Entry into India is a part of the company’s most thoughtful and driven initiatives.

Krti,with its special skill set and expertise over organizational revival creates an enabling environment that can generate and sustain growth

While managing international business Krti’s proven marketing skills and deep understanding of global strategy plays a crucial role in facilitating foreign firms to thrive in the Indian market. In a short period of time, Krti has worked its way up to become a trusted company providing opportunities for foreign firms who are looking to fulfill their international business goals.

The company’s management consulting services have been offering a big advantage to foreign companies and Krti’s vast international exposure can also help states in India that are undertaking measures to accelerate their potential and through it explore the international market. The company is working collaboratively with the state governments to help them adapt to a worldwide approach so that they can unlock their true potential and infuse a new life into their marketing capabilities. Amaresh explains, “Our job is simple. We try and make things happen for the company and we make sure that customers should know about them, qualitatively and effectively.” With a capable team of leaders, the company is continually winning over international clients.
Improving Market Penetration Strategy to rebuild an Organization
In India’s new age marketing environment, several organizations that earlier dominated the market had to go through a steady decline in terms of revenues and client acquisition. Recent news has reported how the government has been planning decisive steps to revamp the loss making PSUs such as ONGC, Air India and BSNL. Last year, HMT Watches and HMT Chinar Watches offices were shut down as the company posted continued losses. At the end of March 2012, the company was deep in debt worth 694.52 crore. As the business performance of these government run organizations are declining drastically, they need urgent steps to revive growth. Krti, with its special skill set and expertise over organizational revival creates an enabling environment that can generate and sustain growth. The company’s specific implementation reports portray in detail the monitoring of finances, management, customers, market restrictions and market opportunities. This allows the company to actually identify the challenges faced by PSUs, and explore modern techniques to help revive their growth strategically. Amaresh adds, “Today the situation in PSUs is not that good. If the government asks us to revive those, we can do so very efficiently”.
Krti’s focus is to provide clients an impartial knowledge of the market so that they can act upon marketing strategies efficiently. After establishing an impressive client base, the company’s quintessential consulting services have been repeatedly weaving success stories across various industry segments and will continue to do so in the future.