Webbutterjam: Helping brands grow their business online in arapidly changing Digital Marketing Landscape

CIO Vendor Digital marketing is considered asnot just smart marketing in global business today but also as essential marketing for any brand agnostic of category or service they are in. With emerging consumer trends and digital media platforms that offer the ability to connect with consumers through : search marketing, social media, videos, blogs, PR , digital marketing is growing more effective for both - Brands and their prospective customers. However, the key to that is the ability of digital marketing companies to be constantly ahead of the curve and have a thorough understanding of how best to help brands grow their business online.

Jiby Thomas, is an Internet industry leader who developed a strong passion for digital marketing given his own advertising and marketing background. Jiby has seen the internet grow in India over the last 15 years and has worn many hats during this long tenure. His last achievement was starting Quikr – The leader in online Classifieds in January 2008 after leaving eBay , where he was managing Kijiji, eBay’s Classifieds business in India.

Being passionate about marketing, jiby had envisioned starting his own digital marketing company which would address some of the gaps most agencies had in their services. The vision became a reality in 2013 post Quikr with Webbutterjam Digital Solutions – a company focused on providing strategy consulting and digital marketing solutions . Jiby Thomas, CEO, says, “Digital marketing has albeit slowly become main stream now and is a critical part of every brands marketing plan.
Its relevance to consumers and effectiveness in building a brand’s reach and to acquire customers makes it a very efficient medium - Digutal marketing should be an essential part of every brands marketing diet ”.

Webbutterjam’s philosophy is to be a partner brands in their digital journey by guiding them , meeting their near term goals and helping them build a valuable business online

With its HO in Mumbai, Webbutterjam is slowly building strong equity in a short period of time. “We provide customised digital marketing solutions and not a factory approach. Understanding the priorities of our clients, their customers, landscape they operate in and the digital assets they need is the basis we customise strategy and plan for every brand ” Jiby adds.

The company keeps it self updated with the changing trends of the market to add value to its clients’ businesses through training & development for the team as well of processes it has built internally.

“Our heart and soul is of a nimble start up but we work like a large company,” shares Jiby. Though it is a small company, it hires the best talent to deliver best outcomes that are generally expected from large companies. And its focus on Analytics and Product driven User Experience has helped it differentiate it self amongst similar companies and gain traction in this highly competitive space of digital marketing. Their clients include some prominent start ups and well known brands such as Turtlemint, DOSEAT, Buy for ex, Lee Cooper Footwear, Bed Bath More, Club 7 Holidays etc.

At present,the company is focused on scaling up their business and hopes to double its clients over the next 6 to 9 months. Expanding the team with senior members and a new office have been important investments Webbutterjam has made over the last 6 months gearing it self up to meet its growth plans.