Mapplinks: Breaking Traditional Barriers in the Digital Marketing Industry

CIO Vendor Ideas are powerful and when ideas blend with entrepreneurial zeal, a start-up is born. Rishabh Dev, MD, Mapplinks, puts it aptly when he says, “Mapplinks was born because we love to see an idea taking shape. We love the ecosystem, we love the enthusiasm, we love the culture and we love to be a part of the story that's getting crafted!” It was Rishabh's idea to provide enterprises with user focused, integrated, creative digital marketing solutions that motivated him to start the company. Today, the company helps its client in Digital Marketing, Designing Solutions, Social Media Marketing, UI/UX, and Development and liberates them to concentrate on their core businesses.

Before venturing into founding Mapplinks in Bangalore, Rishab was working with a pool of 50 freelancers across different knowledge and skill domains. During that phase, he noticed that although there was no shortfall in revenues, there was a clear lack of cohesiveness between companies and the digital marketing agencies; tactical skills, knowledge, expertise were not applied efficiently to maximize the returns. Rishabh knew that it can be improved and to define and formalize the processes as well as to fill in the gap between agencies and brands, Mapplinks was incorporated.

The company provides end-to-end digital marketing and creative solutions to its clients. This ‘E-Shaped’ agency has different verticals for Design, Web and Social Media, helping companies to build, create, and collaborate.

Mapplinks not just focuses on activities and processes but also helps clients to create their long term vision

It empowers clients to lead their brands. As an agency that operates like an MNC, the company focuses on both the activities and the outcomes. Although it has bagged clients such as Microsoft, Accenture, Wipro and Dell within a short period of time, it was not honky-dory initially. It needed hard work to break the stereotype and mistrust prevailing in the industry. This strategy helped the company to gain clients in horizontals such as Branding, Brand Activation, Website and App Design, Digital Advertising, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Blogging and Graphics Design.

Rishabh says, “We love what we do. Money is just incidental to what we are doing. This thought translates into greater care and finesse in our projects and eventually tickles down in higher quality of our deliverable.” Mapplinks not just focuses on activities and processes but also helps clients to create their long term vision. It is one of the first agencies in India to leverage Twitter, Instagram, Snap chat, Periscope and Tinder as advertising platform. At Mapplinks, resources are rigorously trained to develop long term, balanced perspective. The Mapplinks Academy, sister organization of Mapplinks, regularly churns out industry ready full stack digital marketers. Owing to its success, Rishabh is frequently invited to deliver guest lectures on digital marketing at leading B-schools.

Mapplinks has had a phenomenal run so far. Recently, it organized a hackathon for women programmers, which was attended by nearly 80,000 participants. The event’s success has been featured by opinion leaders in Digital Marketing world—Hootsuite. Furthermore, the company is scaling up to provide live, hands-on training on digital marketing. Later this year, the company intends to open India’s first Growth Hacking Institute, which would help bootstrapped start ups learn the tricks of the trade to make it big in a cut throat market. Although the start up culture in India is still fledgling, Mapplinks' contributions will always remain a cornerstone in the ecosystem.