BRIC Design Group: Intelligent and Sustainable Design Solutions

CIO Vendor The contemporary architectural style is fast emerging in India, bridging the gap between modernism and post-modernism. This style is driven by eco-sustainability, implementation of new technologies and materials to provide a better quality of life at workplace.The world is under going an economic development and there is a drastic transformation resulting in cultural changes and so people at present are looking for quicker design solutions with minimum cost expenditure. There fore, to cater to these rapid phenomenons and create extra ordinary experiences for the locality and its inhabitants, BRIC Design Group came into being. Based in Mumbai, BRIC Design Group is a full service architectural, interiors and urban space planning firm involved with all processes from pre-conceptualization to completion. BRIC Design is renowned for its Environmentally Responsive and breath taking Contextual Architecture and, Interiors. “We established BRIC Design in 2006 with a vision to use contextual design to elevate the environment around people as well as their spirits. We are dedicated to building extra ordinary environments around people,” says Brijesh Chinai, Founder and Architect & Designer, BRIC Design Group.

Devotion to Excellence of Quality & Outcomes

Highlighting on the process of work that team BRIC Design follows, Brijesh explicates how they encompass a unique approach towards their clients. “For each project, we try to figure out all the relevant information regarding the project location and the references which would give us programmatic and philosophical requirement along with urban conditioned technology.

BRIC Design’s breathtaking modern expressions of Indian cultural heritage have become another signature, and can be seen in many of its contextual themes

After which a set of statistically diverse solutions are developed based on their content, concept and design. But it is no less than a challenge for us to convince our clients to experience through these phases of development. We help our clients in selecting materials or technology. From conceptualization of designs to thorough execution of all work, from top-level management and designers to workers on site, in choosing external consultants and suppliers, we channelize every effort and work tirelessly towards the single-minded goal of excellence.

BRIC Design’s expertise in Passive Solar Architecture / Climactic Architecture and its use of technologies and systems that are intelligent and responsive, ensures optimal access of wind and sunlight, as well as maximization of energy performance, water resources and waste recycling. The firm’s breath taking modern expressions of Indian cultural heritage have become another signature, and can be seen in many of its contextual themes.

The Path Travelled

As a value driven company, BRIC Design has been on a growth trajectory since its inception. Beginning their operations with two people on board, the company at present has grown into a 50+ members firm and has catered its services to big conglomerates including Piramal, Johnson & Johnson, Sunteck, Mahindra, Kalpataru and ceMAST, to name a few. “We at BRIC Design are driven by quality and diversity. Our work of art reflects the essence of Indian culture. Therefore this creative approach has helped us to tie with the big names of the industry and we shall keep flourishing with such confidence in the future as well”, concludes Brijesh.