Architect Narayan & Associates: A Trusted Firm to Address your Architectural Objectives

CIO Vendor G Clark of Clark and Menefee Architects once wrote about architects and design, saying, “It is not only buildings that interest us: there is something of greater importance which, through them, we are trying to reach.It has to do with the joining of structure and land, and how this can, and should, result in a sureness of place that is all the stronger for the union.” Keeping up with the essence of this saying, in the year 2000, R. L. Narayan established Architect Narayan & Associates Pvt.Ltd, a leading architecture firm with specializations in Architectural Design, Interior Design and Project Management Consultancy.

Building Dreams into Reality

Mumbai head quartered, Architect Narayan & Associates is globally celebrated for its unique way in which the firm enhances the richness of the buildings by basing its design on observations and analysis of the way people live, work and relax. Keeping up with its founding objectives, the company not only offers architectural and interior designs services but also provides support that extends through the entire life cycle of the project, right from strategic planning through design to ongoing facility managements, to completion and beyond.

“The Indian market is full of opportunities, Real estate is one of the largest industry today, yet a majority of the labours working in the construction sector are unskilled, the skilled labour’s are not of known to handle the modern materials, this is one of the major challenges that we faced. If you need a country to have a better construction quality, all of us have to work in this direction, today we are doing many international projects in countries such as Sri Lanka, Muscat & Africa.

With its flamboyant, stylist and original work, in the last 16 years Architect Narayan & Associates has specialized in all the fields of architectural projects

The cumulative areas of these international projects are on an average two million square feet’s. Our designs are leading the way in sustainability and have pioneered the practice of green building concepts, those which fits the climate of Asia and commitment to the environment that is integrated in the build design,” boasts R. L. Narayan, CEO, Architect Narayan & Associates Pvt. Ltd.

With its flamboyant, stylist work, in the last 16 years Architect Narayan & Associates has specialized in all the fields of architectural projects ranging from Hotels, malls, corporate offices, commercial projects, residential projects, hospitals and institutional projects. Believing that, ‘Behind every design there is a Good Idea, behind every Good Idea, there is a Team led by Design Professionals, who bring in innovation, expertise and experience’, today R. L. Narayan has assembled a team of over 100 professionals who are continuously striving to serve esteemed clients like Aditya Birla, DANONE, Future Group, Peter England, Zicom, Reliance, ICICI Lombard, Britannia and many more.

When asked about how Narayan feels about the growth of the company, he says, “We started small but today we have offices across Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata, so we already have a chain and ‘I’ still feel there is long stair to climb. The last few years for Indian construction industry have been tough,which have taught us to smooth rides in tough times. the future of the industry, I believe will evolve innovatively & qualitatively. The buyers are have travelled the world, getting educated about the value of innovation and quality product. From past two decade, it’s has been either sellers’ market or buyers’ market. With people getting selective about the quality of construction, we would like see the Indian Architect’ skeeping up with buyers’ expectations of innovation with creativity.