Vivekam Financial Services: Handing Over Financial Decision Control to Clients

CIO Vendor The financial sector of late has been aiming to gain more flexibility in providing financial solutions to organizations and individuals. However, in the current state there exists very little scope for a diversified investment portfolio. The asset classes such as stocks, bonds, cash and real estate have already been divided into two or three asset class categories and these financial instruments act more like generic investment models presenting clients with limited options for financial decision making.

Vivekam Financial Service was among the first companies to realize the need to enhance people’s control over financial decision making process by overseeing a better coordination between financial instruments and client’s investment choices.
The company implemented easy-to-understand financial tools to learn the science of investing for retail investors in the most cost effective manner. The organization was founded in 2010, by V.V.K Prasad, a highly regarded industry expert with years of experience in the financial planning field.
Vivekam’s tried and tested built-in systems processes in a medium where the company can actually help clients administer their portfolios over a long period of time. For the wealth maximization of its clients, Vivekam’s strategizes and designed products facilitate equity investments with a complete unbiased and automated decision making processes thus disintegrating financial hurdles of even the smallest of investors.
Balakrishna Vellanki, VP, explains, “We wanted to create a transparent and client friendly platform and organization.” For clients, Vivekam identifies most undervalued growth stocks every quarter; helps clients manage their portfolios by providing them timely advice; renders services that Scans and restructures their portfolio for better returns. For Asset managers / Brokers, it extends its research capability and enables them replicate the model portfolios and help advise their clients on relative strength or weakness of stocks. Brokers with exposure to retail clients will derive the maximum benefit by tying up with Vivekam to extend the extensive personalized research capability at much affordable cost.
Vivekam’s powerful systems are defying the very concept of portfolio managers by setting their own standards and eliminating human intervention. The unique proposition of Vivekam has been its ability to assign fair values for all listed companies based on their announced quarterly results. To ease the work of investors, the best 10 stocks that deserve to be invested is provided at all times. Vivekam started operations with a single minded focus on crafting transparency and has kept it so by developing system oriented models and processes in place. The company also proudly states , “Vivekam’s models are free from emotion, anxiety and bias”.
Another special feature found nowhere is Vivekam’s back end enabled model. It provides a facility to check how different investment strategies could have performed on user's hypothetical dates of investments showcasing the company’s unique time tested and validated investment strategies. Vivekam’s consistency and performance has been lauded with over 2000 plus happy investors holding assets of over 200 Cr. Vivekam was recently awarded the “Business Leader Award 2014-2015” in AP & Telangana from Financial Services Category. Adding to the silverware is the company’s growing partnership with Sharekhan, a top broker in India. The company’s stature is on a distinctive rise and it’s only a matter of time before Vivekam achieves its goal of becoming one of the largest investment advisors in the country.