TriFid Research: Rendering Impeccable Stock and Commodity Advisory Services

CIO Vendor Emerging global rules and regulations, modification of company’s services and behaviors, and an unstable competitive ecosystem often forces several businesses to collapse. The exorbitant increase in variables of executing a business causes organization to plummet. Business organizations thus seek experts who can deliver quantitative market analysis and offer in-depth knowledge of their services.

Wealth management companies are the ones who encounter the financial risk factor of the company and provide them with solutions to overcome the risk. To help organizations address these issues and gain relevant stock and commodity advisory services, Vivek Tyagi founded Trifid Research in September, 2010. Principally, the company was established based on its strict and strong principles of the power of technical analysis, risk management, information and knowledge.

Trifid Research is a privately held research house which is SEBI registered and offers assistance in equity tips, futures and options NSE and BSE, commodity tips-MCX and NCDEX, Forex tips, Comex and currency tips. Based in Indore, the well qualified and dynamic team provides immaculate analysis, to supply tips and recommendations in the domestic as well as international market.

Trifid Research helps organizations assemble knowledge about the risk associated with the product,their profit or loss margin and maintain transparency in the services

Commenting on the company’s values, Vivek points out, “Adhering to client satisfaction & zero compromise, imbibing innovation & creativity, maintaining transparency, providing knowledge, information insight and high quality service with trust & reliability, the company helps clients achieve their vision and goal.” With a rigorous discovery, development, and delivery of applications, the company provides customer-focused research based services.
Vivek pioneered the boutique firm unaware about the market risk involved and client’s mindset. Initially, the business model followed by company i.e. telephonic conversations landed them in a struggle. However, by providing specific customer oriented services, the company curtly earned the much needed confidence among its clients. Counting on to the company’s approach of less risk and more return, Trifid Research helps organizations assemble knowledge about the risk associated with the product, their profit or loss margin and maintain transparency in the services. “Retaining our priority i.e. the expectation of clients to be realistic, the company adheres to the benefit of having more profit and limited risk involved,” explains Vivek. Trifid Research’s process is designed well, giving foremost priority to the safety of clients.
Across the years, the company has grown leaps and bounds by providing services to brokers, full time traders and HNI clients. The company in its long way has not only matured in terms of the size of office premises, but has also grown in terms of the number of employees as well as client. Currently, the company has 200 resources and 10,000 clients. Already having tasted success the company plans to pursue the same principles in the future. Trifid Research wishes to win a larger share of the market by providing higher returns to clients, while bearing branches all over India. Given Vivek’s industry expertise and Trifid Research’s past track record the sky is the limit for this ambitious company.